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  1. Not really. I like Luck a lot but don't you think he needs to speed up getting rid of the ball? Am I not seeing it correctly? I know comparing a QB not yet in his third year to Peyton is not fair and I think he will improve in this area.
  2. Luck may be better. We won't know as long as he is getting hammered behind that line. Now, how much of that is the line and how much of it is Luck be slow in his reads and getting to his secondary receivers? His delivery is certainly quick enough. His decision making may be a notch slow but that should improve and all of that pressure didn't help. I think Peyton could have played behind that line without giving up so many hits or sacks just because he does his reads at light speed and he gets rid of the ball. Luck doesn't do that yet.
  3. There is nothing wrong with Tampa 2. It got to the super bowl several times and it won at least one of them.
  4. Not behind that offensive line.
  5. You might be right about that but I think if you put Wilson on the Colts the results here will be very similar. Wilson is a very good QB and he has to be rated ahead of Luck for now. I think if you put Luck in Houston after this draft that they would be Super Bowl contenders. But I also believe that Wilson would do that as well.
  6. I don't think you can take Cam and Rivers off of the list and for right now for whatever the reasons, Wilson and Kaepernick have to be rated ahead of Luck.
  7. I agree with that. See 49ers and Seahawks.
  8. Well, lets consider that not that I think it is important since he is only starting his third year. Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers, Big Ben, Flacco, Ryan, Wilson, Kaepernick, Cam Newton and I could make arguments for Tony Romo, and a few others. So I would say with confidence that he is a top 15 QB right now.
  9. I love Luck but top 5? Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, and many others are ahead of him right now. He probably isn't even top ten but he certainly will be unless the coaching staff ties his hands and tries to force a running game.
  10. They are going to build a great team there because of that trade. I have come to the conclusion that if a great package is offered for a draft pick, a team should take it no matter who is available or what their needs are. Those high draft picks bring great flexibility and allow a team to rebuild completely.
  11. One has to get to the Super Bowl to be able to win it. I see Houston lurking and building. That team worries me. Nothing wrong with having great ambitions for our team. I have them too. But a repeat of the Peyton years is unlikely enough and exceeding it is really hoping for a lot. But I am with you, lets win two.
  12. He wanted to wear hightop shoes to honor Johhny U when he passed away.
  13. Well, something has helped him. He has been hit hard more than any other QB in the NFL for the last two years. I cringed at some of those hits and I was surprised to see him get right up. I think he is plenty tough.
  14. I don't know if it means anything but that kid has "star" written all over him. I expect him to an overachiever in the NFL.
  15. No, but it sure helps. Andrew Luck is a great example.
  16. Yes, but the Undertaker lives. Or does he?
  17. I was a Colts fan back in the days of Johnny U. and I have stayed one through good times and bad. I intend to stay a fan for as long as I can draw a breath but Peyton was much more than popular. I have always wondered what Unitas would have done in today's game. I am sure he would have been great.
  18. Yes, I do and I think he will have earned it. He may not have a SB win or appearance but he has carried this team into the playoffs for the last two years when they had no business making it. Now, they may franchise him but someone will pay him that if he walks.
  19. I think he gets more than that. I would think six years $150 million will be more like it. I think it will be the biggest contract of all time.
  20. I think most fans have stated that they stand behind him. That doesn't mean that the incident was not embarrassing to both the Colts and the NFL. There is an article out that Irsay had $29,000 in cash on him and he refused to take a blood test. Addiction is a terrible thing to fight and I think everyone is rooting for him. If it happens again, I think there will be more of those fans "disowning" him.
  21. No more trading picks, please. This draft is so deep that not many trades are going to be made. The rams can't even get a taker for the second round pick and I don't believe the Texans have had any action on trading the number one pick. Every team seems to have two or three backup picks in mind for every round.
  22. I am not sure they want him. Ball is the replacement on hand. They won't want to pay Chris Johnson big money. They might draft a running back.
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