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  1. :blueshoe:   If you are a die-hard Colts fan - you obviously pay close attention to the NFL landscape as a whole in order to keep informed.


    :blueshoe:   In your opinion - which AFC TEAM - besides the Colts - has done THE MOST to improve itself during veteran free agency ??

    Denver and New England second.

  2. Both are good n different ways, but who is better?

    This is a silly thread. Of course Jackson is by far the better receiver and he hasn't been hurt. I like getting Nicks on the cheap for one year but we got him for that because other teams would not offer more money. He gets one year to play himself into a bigger contract with someone. Jackson is ready right now and he will play great and his numbers will be much better than Nicks'.

  3. Little bit of bitterness, that's it. I know it still takes a pretty good QB to win a SB, just Andrew Luck bias to the extreme

    There is nothing run with having an Andrew Luck bias. I have one too. I'm just not ready to declare him the best QB in the NFL quite yet but it could happen soon.

  4. Both inherited pretty good teams, didn't need elite play in order to win the Super Bowl, just safe and consistent. Their stats and situations may be comparable, but their play style couldn't be more different. Brady is a tradition pocket passer, Wilson has that ability I think but he usually has 1 or 2 reads and then goes for a sideline to sideline run to buy time (which is what I used to do with Mike Vick in Madden 04... all the stats) and then either finds a wide open receiver or tucks and scrambles. That being sad, I think just about anyone outside of Curtis Painter could have won a SB with the Seahawks Defense and that running game. just my $0.02

    You had a great post until you finished it the way you did. It is just silly to think that any QB could have led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl win. Wilson is a great young QB and Colts fans just can't stand it that most people have him rated ahead of Luck. Wilson is going to have a great career and he will win multiple Super Bowls with that great team just like Brady did in New England. Andrew Luck? Well, it remains to be seen if he can even get to the SB much less win it.

  5. Nope. QB's like that don't last. Wilson is a special case. He runs to create more opportunities and when his OL  breaks down. All you need to have is enough athleticism to pick up an occasional 10 yard run and extend plays like how Ben does. Gimmicky run first QB's never succeed in the NFL. Never have, never will. If you can't win from the pocket, you can't win. No QB with that skill set has ever won an MVP or even a Superbowl. Even Vince Young was a passer first.

    Well, that isn't true, Kaep, is that kind of player. Cam Newton can pass from the pocket but he is that kind of player. I don't think the new age QBs will last as long as the old ones but they will be the ones winning championships and then they will be replaced by another QB of the same ilk. QBs like Manning and Brady will become a thing of the past.

  6. If anything Luck is the new model for QB's. He's got ideal size at 6'4" and 240 lbs. His passing abilities and mechanics are impeccable, and he has a inborn mental feel for the game that you can't teach. And he is also athletic enough to get it done on the ground, without relying on his legs as part of his game like guys like CK and RGIII.


    Andrew Luck is literally the perfect model for new age QB's.

    No, he is not. He is old school. The new age QBs will be winning with their legs as much as their arms. Luck runs the ball very well but not as well as some of the new agers. Most of the QBs coming into the NFL run the ball well and often.

  7. At the end of the day, all I care about are SB rings. Yes, I realize that Marino & Kelly never won rings & I still consider them world HOF QBs. Call me vain, call me short sided, call me selfish. All I care about is the bling baby preferably more than 1 ring ala Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Big Ben, Eli Manning, & Tom Brady. 


    Andrew's on his quest to get his first 1 & hopefully more than 1. 

    You have to get there first...... Kelly did that very well and so has Peyton. Luck may never even get there. If they don't get an O-line he may not have a long career. If they don't play some defense, he might not get to the SB. He has a bye into the playoffs right now because the South has been so weak. But the division is going to be a lot stronger this year.

  8. There is no "new QB" type in the NFL.  They were saying that about Bobby Douglas for the Bears in the early 70s.  Or Randall Cunningham.  Kaepernick and Wilson happened to be drafted by the two teams with arguably the best talent in the NFL.  Put them on the Bucs and Browns and are we talking about this now?  Luck, on the other hand,  would do well on any team he played on.


    I think QBs need to hold themselves to a certain level.

    I think those two QBs would have made the Bucs and Browns a whole lot better. So would Luck.

  9. I get at what you say...there was nothing said about price or attitudes...I figured this was just purely about football. I would love that size and skill combo but I think people overrate it somewhat. Few big guys are like Calvin Johnson/Randy Moss that can jump and have size and hands and add track star speed to the equation. I will say I don't care what the size if the guy gets open and catches the ball and scores tds...thats the guy I want. We discount the littler guys too much imo....after all Marvin wasn't the biggest receiver yet he is the best Colts receiver of all time. However I am more than happy with Nicks...I think he is motivated and set up to have a career year.

    I like Nicks but I don't think he will come close to having a career year. I don't think the Colts will target him enough to do that because they will continue to try and be a smash mouth running team. They won't be, of course, but they will keep trying to ram the ball up the middle.

  10. wayne is in the last year of his contract. by next year's end I believe he'll be 36. will the colts resign him or is this the last year we'll hear the chant "reggie reggie reggie"

    I expect this to be his last year but if he comes back strong and has a good one, I wouldn't mind seeing them sign him to a one year contract at a greatly reduced salary.

  11. All I'm going to say is that I'm willing to bet a lot that the Texans won't be picking first (trades in my next mock). 


    Either way, Bridgewater is the best QB in the draft. That's my opinion. I don't think a pro day will kill him. Just like Johnny Manziel won't be gaining ground just because he killed his pro day. What happens from September to January is the most important. 


    The Texans' biggest need is the QB spot right now and I think if they get themselves a solid QB, getting a WC spot is not out of the question next year. 

    The division title is not out of the question. I think they will go with what they have and develop a second round QB. I don't think Bridgewater goes in the top ten picks.

  12. I agree with the others that say Bridgewater won't go 1st. I also strongly disagree that the Texans are only short a QB to be a complete team and make the playoffs again. Complete and good teams do not only win 2 games the previous yr. just being short a QB.

    Don't give me the Colts as an example either. Anybody with half a brain cell knew the Colts were trash the yr. without Manning. Even with Manning, that team was going nowhere.

    I've said for a while that the Texans have been frauds and I'm sticking with that. They'll be better than last yr., but let's face it...that won't be hard to do. I think if the Texans go QB, they'll go with Bottles.

    That team with Manning wins ten games again, just like they always did. The Texans are going to make a huge jump and I think they win 10+ games this year when they add the draft picks to what they have. I think they take a QB in the second round and trade the one pick if offered a great package. If not, they take Clowney.

  13. Oh no.....it will end eventually and sooner then later for one or both. Maybe one has good fortune.....but neither has won a Super Bowl for quite a while so it's time to wake up and smell the dark horses. And no I am not talking about Houston either.


    Manning is closer to 40 now then 35. And Brady if Gronk is not on the field will lose his potency on offense. And Blount (who killed us) is gone now.

    Running backs are a dime a dozen and any running back kills the Colts. Peyton has been to 3 of the last 7 Super Bowls and he will get to more. That Denver team is much improved on defense and the offense, Dell, they have Peyton and it will be the best in the NFL. Brady will beat the Colts yet again this year.  Dis Houston all you want. They had one bad year and they will be a force this year. They will beat the Colts at least once and so will one of the other south teams.

  14. The whole AFC is tired of Peyton and Brady, time has come to seize those bulls by the horns and slay them. Colts will be there right, front and center to be the one who does that.


    Luck beats Peyton in divisional round and then Brady/someone else at home in the AFCCG. Just a little good health like we had with Bob Sanders in 2006, and we can make our own run with a little luck. Championships are not handed to teams on paper. We do have the talent to go toe-to-toe, IMO.

    All of that with an offensive line that couldn't block your grandmother. No one will take the Colts seriously until they fix that. The good teams know that they can run at will and they can hammer Luck. The Colts need to keep and eye in the rearview mirror. That pounding sound you hear is Houston getting ready to get back to 10+ wins.

  15. Jets and Steelers both are teams I have had a gut feeling on being potential dark horses.



    Then I am a proud hater. But, Camelot is going to end some year you know. If it happens this year I predicted it first here! If not then no big deal. Pats have made the last 3 AFCCG's. That trend will someday end. Denver lost the SB....history often does not favor those teams.


    We'll see later who emerges! I suspect a few feisty dark horses will emerge around the AFC.......oh and the Colts.

    Both of those teams will do well as long as they have Peyton and Brady. That just makes them a contender every year and it won't end in the next three or four years.


    2014 NFL Mock Draft 3.0


    Round 1


    1st Overall Pick – Houston Texans

    Teddy Bridgewater – Quarterback – Louisville

    Bridgewater should be the first overall pick. The Texans are one good quarterback away from making the playoffs, and Teddy Bridgewater is a good quarterback, to say the least. If they go quarterback, they need to go with Bridgewater.


    2nd Overall Pick – St Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)

    Sammy Watkins – Wide Receiver – Clemson

    The Rams improved on defense tremendously, but they lack playmakers on offense. Watkins is probably the best receiver to come out of college since AJ Green, and he is expected to be a star in this league. He’ll be Bradford’s go-to-guy for years.


    3rd Overall Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jadaveon Clowney – Defensive End – South Carolina

    You can’t go wrong with Jadaveon Clowney. The Jaguars lack firepower on offense, but they lack a playmaker on defense, and Clowney can be a stud for 10 years in this league, and is probably the best player in this draft. They can’t go wrong with him.


    4th Overall Pick – Cleveland Browns

    Blake Bortles – Quarterback – UCF

    Bortles improved his stock with a great performance at the combine, and he could be the guy the Browns need. He’s a big-bodied quarterback with a strong arm that can stretch the field. He’d be the perfect guy to throw Josh Gordon the ball.

    I don't know how good your draft is with the late first round and second round picks. I can tell you that the start of your draft is way off. Bridgewater has fallen and he will be the third QB taken. Cleveland will not take a QB at number four but they will take Derek Carr at 26 (nice trade, a bad running back to get your franchise QB). I also think Denver will use a high pick to get an offensive lineman because they lost one in free agency. I think Clowney will be the number one pick unless Houston gets a great offer to trade down. They are going to take a QB in the second round.

  17. Do you not watch Colts games, or are you just trolling? 


    In Pep's offense, many times the slot receiver breaks to the outside. 

    I am not trolling. It just seemed to me that Wayne already played a lot in the slot. Sheesh, why so touchy?

  18. I hope you see the irony in you calling someone a "hater."

    No, I do not. I don't hate any team (well, I don't like the Patriots very much). I don't hate any players, especially Colts players and I don't hate other posters. What are you talking about. I am very positive about the Colts and I like their chances but I don't think that just because I am a fan that they will be in the Super Bowl every year. Are you the monster MOB says will awaken soon?

  19. If I am wrong I am wrong, I don't care. But, my bold offseason AFC prediction is that NEITHER the Broncos or Patriots will reach the AFC title game next year.



    That sounds like a hater talking. The odds that both the Broncos and the Patriots being in the AFC title game are much higher than neither of them getting to the game.

  20. http://mmqb.si.com/2014/03/28/indianapolis-colts-offseason-hakeem-nicks/


    Much of the attention in the AFC during the offseason has, rightfully, been focused on the Broncos and Patriots. The two conference finalists each made major free-agent additions: DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward in Denver, and Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner in New England.

    One team that seems to have been overlooked, especially when it comes to the weapons being assembled for quarterback Andrew Luck, is the Colts.

    On paper—and that’s all we have to go on, knowing much can change—Indianapolis has put together a formidable array of weapons.

    At receiver, the Colts have the potential to line up with Reggie Wayne and free agent Hakeem Nicks on either side of the field, with the explosive and emerging T.Y. Hilton on the inside.


    Just small excerpt from story

    It seems to me that Reggie Wayne plays the slot most of the time these days. His days as a sideline receiver may be about over. Why wouldn't you have your speed receivers on the side?

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