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  1. They may pay for it with another Super Bowl trip.
  2. This is a silly thread. Of course Jackson is by far the better receiver and he hasn't been hurt. I like getting Nicks on the cheap for one year but we got him for that because other teams would not offer more money. He gets one year to play himself into a bigger contract with someone. Jackson is ready right now and he will play great and his numbers will be much better than Nicks'.
  3. There is nothing run with having an Andrew Luck bias. I have one too. I'm just not ready to declare him the best QB in the NFL quite yet but it could happen soon.
  4. I would bet big against Bridgewater being picked that high. I think Bortles and Johnny Football go ahead of him.
  5. You had a great post until you finished it the way you did. It is just silly to think that any QB could have led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl win. Wilson is a great young QB and Colts fans just can't stand it that most people have him rated ahead of Luck. Wilson is going to have a great career and he will win multiple Super Bowls with that great team just like Brady did in New England. Andrew Luck? Well, it remains to be seen if he can even get to the SB much less win it.
  6. Well, that isn't true, Kaep, is that kind of player. Cam Newton can pass from the pocket but he is that kind of player. I don't think the new age QBs will last as long as the old ones but they will be the ones winning championships and then they will be replaced by another QB of the same ilk. QBs like Manning and Brady will become a thing of the past.
  7. No, he is not. He is old school. The new age QBs will be winning with their legs as much as their arms. Luck runs the ball very well but not as well as some of the new agers. Most of the QBs coming into the NFL run the ball well and often.
  8. You have to get there first...... Kelly did that very well and so has Peyton. Luck may never even get there. If they don't get an O-line he may not have a long career. If they don't play some defense, he might not get to the SB. He has a bye into the playoffs right now because the South has been so weak. But the division is going to be a lot stronger this year.
  9. I think those two QBs would have made the Bucs and Browns a whole lot better. So would Luck.
  10. I like Nicks but I don't think he will come close to having a career year. I don't think the Colts will target him enough to do that because they will continue to try and be a smash mouth running team. They won't be, of course, but they will keep trying to ram the ball up the middle.
  11. I expect this to be his last year but if he comes back strong and has a good one, I wouldn't mind seeing them sign him to a one year contract at a greatly reduced salary.
  12. The division title is not out of the question. I think they will go with what they have and develop a second round QB. I don't think Bridgewater goes in the top ten picks.
  13. That team with Manning wins ten games again, just like they always did. The Texans are going to make a huge jump and I think they win 10+ games this year when they add the draft picks to what they have. I think they take a QB in the second round and trade the one pick if offered a great package. If not, they take Clowney.
  14. Running backs are a dime a dozen and any running back kills the Colts. Peyton has been to 3 of the last 7 Super Bowls and he will get to more. That Denver team is much improved on defense and the offense, Dell, they have Peyton and it will be the best in the NFL. Brady will beat the Colts yet again this year. Dis Houston all you want. They had one bad year and they will be a force this year. They will beat the Colts at least once and so will one of the other south teams.
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