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  1. My all-time favorite Colt. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia, AustinnKaine.
  2. Michael Silver just reported on NFLN that Ruth Bader Ginsburg oversees the 2nd Circuit and could grant Brady a stay while the Supreme Court decides whether or not it will even take the case. No doubt his next move will be to appeal to her for a stay.
  3. I guess I haven't paid much attention to this in the past, but from doing some Googling, it looks like they pretty much just wear pants that are the same color as the jersey. Am I wrong on that? This is just someone's uniform concept idea, but is this basically what we'd be looking at?
  4. I've been on the tour, and IndyD4U is right, it is a very cool experience.
  5. I'm in 100% agreement with the bolded first half of this. As far as whether or not to fire Grigson right now, I think that (if the things that have been reported are true) Irsay has to tell Grigson, "This is Pagano's team to run. Keep your nose out."
  6. Meh, losing games sucks. I'm sure losing 1st round draft picks for cheating does too.
  7. I agree. I was disappointed with the loss to the Pats, but not disgusted like I was after the AFCCG. If they continue to play the way they did against the best team in the league, I genuinely believe they could win out and finish at 13-3.
  8. "What has two thumbs and is the best backup QB in the NFL?" "This guy!!!"
  9. I don't think it's selfish. At all. If having kids meant that your life had to suddenly suck, we would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Honestly, if you can find some kind of headphones to cover your baby's ears so he/she isn't miserable, I don't think you'll have much of a problem. You seem like the kind of parent that is considerate of those around you.
  10. That's a great story, Gramz. I spent three years as a job coach for high school students with special needs (I'm in school now to get my special education teaching license). One of the jobs that one of my students had involved folding boxes at a pizza restaurant. Completing one million is a big feat for anyone, so is lasting for 20 years at one job. Congratulations to Amy, and thanks for sharing her awesome accomplishment.
  11. I don't have kids, but I think I can take the two highlighted questions. To the first: If an adult is misbehaving and interfering with my enjoyment of the game, I can confront them directly, or if it gets to that point, go to security to have them tossed out. (I've done both.) If I take either of those tracks with a child that is misbehaving and interfering with my enjoyment of the game, I'm an ogre. To the second: I can't speak for SW1, but I don't think most people assume that a child can't behave. I think for a lot of people it's more of a subconscious fear of getting stuck next to a child whose parent won't make them behave. If you're out to dinner and a child is sitting near you and is silent the whole time, you never even notice them. But when a child is near you and is crying the whole time, getting up and running around, etc., that sticks in your mind and that is what is conjured up when you think about a child being brought into certain situations. I'm not a doctor, but as Nadine pointed out, I would have to wonder about the effects of that decibel level on their ears. Aside from that, I don't think people would have a problem having a kid next to them in general. If they don't have to get up and down an excessive amount to let a parent and child go to and from their seats, and the child isn't crying the whole time, I don't think anyone would have any problem with a small child being there.
  12. Just purely a personal feeling based on age, the amount of thought he put into it after last season, and all of the changes in Denver.
  13. Just thought this was something interesting to track during what will likely be Peyton's last season. Peyton needs 2,148 passing yards to pass Brett Favre for the career record. (He threw 4,727 last year.) Peyton needs 374 completions to pass Brett Favre for the career record. (He threw 395 last year. This one may be tough.) It's possible that Peyton could retire with those records along with: Most career TDs at 530. (Plus any thrown this season.) Most career game-winning drives at 52. (Plus any this season.) Most single-season passing yards at 5,477. Most single-season TDs at 55.
  14. No, it's not another one of those threads. The top 10 games between the two QB's on NFL Network right now. Hour-long piece.
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