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  1. We played two of the worst teams in the league. And as a result our numbers are inflated. With that said, these last two games were great opportunities to work out some kinks and I suspect we will be better against Baltimore than we were against Philadelphia & Denver.
  2. Grigson should consider anything and everything right now. As far as Incognito, IMO he has paid his penance.
  3. Mannnnn Looks like waivers and then the IR for the year. We've made it through one pre-season game and the Donger, Homes & John all injured and Nixon having surgery? Ouch. Nothing to see here though - the training and coaching staffs are doing a great job.
  4. 7. Trent Richardson's first carry with the first unit Oline - 9 yard gain. ;)
  5. I only watched thru the 3rd.
  6. Brian's piece points to other cities that were trying to lure the Colts as well. But I think it is a safe thing to say that the true fans of the Colts who are from the Eastern Shore couldn't have chosen a finer city to lose the franchise to. Indianapolis has been a great addition to the NFL community. They've honored the team as much as any Baltimore citizen ever did. I have never sensed any sort of animosity towards the angrier Baltimore fans or even offense taken at their personal attacks. They've done very well by the team and it's history.
  7. I think it may be that the Baltimore people identify with this issue emotionally. But the rest of us do not. If that is the case, it is understandable that many of the Baltimore people want the issues that touch on their emotions to be added to if not dominate the narrative . Whereas everyone else, though we can understand the feelings we do not place them over or on par with the actual facts. I think that is the disconnect for you and others like you. His peice discusses the facts behind the move. But does not include the emotional background. And that is not wrong. Perhaps the two of you
  8. I do not per se. But it was refreshing to see Brian Casserly's piece linked on another thread. I think over the years, I had subconciously dismissed the arguments I heard eminating from Baltimore because somewhere, something did not ring true. And now I know that it was the personal animosity steered toward Robert Irsay that muddied the picture. After reading Brian's piece it is pretty clear what happened and why. Come on, you have to admit that he has some pretty good detaisl in there that cannot be refuted.
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