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  1. thanks TB for bad coverage TD Hilton YAhoo!!!!!
  2. wth QB draw !!!!! .....another loss wont hurt too much just closer to fire the GM and HC
  3. Toler Sucks if you see 28 u know whos catching the ball
  4. why is Toler on the field 28 =the player who catches the ball
  5. all I know is i saw the defense on the ground a lot, cant anyone keep there feet
  6. One thing I notice is the Colts defense, cant keep on the feet, saw a lot guys on the ground
  7. I hope we learn something from watching the Super Bowl and why we havent won more Super Bowls... its all about the trenches NOT WR's ...half ares OL and DL you only get an invite but NO Super Bowl !
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