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  1. can anyone imagine a young boy watching a colts game with his dad and the camera pans on jim caldwell and the boy asks dad why is that man just standing there doing nothing the dad shrugs his shoulders and tells the boy well apparently son the owner of the colts mr irsay thinks that is top level coaching at the nfl level, the boys says well dad if it's all the same with you i think i will pull for the patriots
  2. if caldwell is staying then why drag it out just announce so fans can get over it
  3. well since irsay hasn't refuted this tweet like he did shefter's i tend to think the rumor is true
  4. i think the best the fans can hope for is that the owner wants to make a splash with a name coach and gets rid of the polians and caldwell even if he doesn't really want to
  5. michael lombardi reporting caldwell not going anywhere as long as polian is around per nfl gameday this morning
  6. listening to the 8mins 20 secs interview with jim irsay he seems to think most fans are fairly ignorant , so i have changed my opinion that caldwell will get fired to i think polian will talk him into keeping caldwell
  7. all the so called experts are trying to have their "i told you so" moment as in i told you so that manning would never play again, take another snap for the colts etc.
  8. the colts defense is working for the team they're playing against
  9. bill polian needs to be let go if for no other reason than basically admitting him and chris gave the coaches nothing to work with as far as good players
  10. irsay if he fires caldwell can always tell polian to get along and let the next coach do his own coaching or irsay can show all the polians the door afterall he can make the ultimate decision
  11. gonna be a blowout win for ravens i see at least 5 sacks 2 pick sixes and no offensive tds for colts but hope i'm wrong and the colts win afterall j-ville handled the ravens,so did seahawks
  12. does jim irsay's tweet about albert breer mean that we are definately gonna have the polians back?
  13. who says the colts don't owe peyton anything he put this team on the map so to speak, besides luck is just too darn ugly to be making all those commercials manning has made irsay a lot of money that he would not have made by putting * in those expensive seats
  14. bill polian is not a gm anymore his son is supposed to be ,but he was never a coach, coordinator but yet still pulls all the strings on those jobs i believe jim irsay is a good owner and good person but unless he is ultra loyal to manning for making the colts franchise what it is today and cans all the polian, his team will be an also ran franchise and be what jacksonville is now a team with really no city or support
  15. so according to some the colts have a coach who wouldn't get a job anywhere else in the nfl and a gm that nobody else wants even after daddy bill planted the rumor of interest in chris
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