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  1. Yea, I would characterize the actions of patriots employees, the texts, and Brady destroying his phone as suspicious. I don't believe quite a bit of what they have said in interviews and ,for me, that hurts their credibility. That said, the infraction (if it occurred) is relatively minor. There is precedent for punishment when it comes to manipulating game balls after they have been checked by officials. Also, from what I understand the NFL was warned in advance about the possibility of the Patriots monkeying with the game balls. The response of officials was to: neglect to record
  2. The bolded above is the problem actually. With regard to this whole mess, Brady and the Patriots have done some things that look suspicious but those things pale in comparison to the NFL's incompetent smear campaign designed to pander to the rubes (present company included). I'm not going to bother linking articles or discussing the situation objectively, this isn't really the place for that obviously.
  3. I like this draft. I can't wait to see how it plays out.
  4. Ah, my mistake. I originally thought you didn't understand; now I know you don't want to understand. Seriously, we could have a pretty good discussion about the benefits of BPA but instead we've wasted time talking in circles so you could defend a ridiculous comment. You make a little less sense with each post.
  5. Yes...but in that scenario BPA doesn't apply. Maybe I'm explaining this poorly. BPA is only possible when judging the relative value of multiple available players.
  6. No, we didn't have a round one pick because we traded it to Cleveland. Like I said, BPA is a draft day strategy. Using the result of a trade that occurred prior to draft day to debate BPA isn't terribly useful. Was Richardson the BPA? At the time, he was the only player available. Also remember that we had lost Ballard for the year and were uncomfortable asking Bradshaw to carry too much of the load. The Richardson trade was the result of need more than anything else.
  7. You are including Richardson and a rookie yet to play a snap in the NFL to critique Grigson's draft day strategy. Makes a ton of sense.
  8. No one really knows how much impact Dorsett will have. Personally I expect he'll have a much bigger impact than some of the posters here think. Was WR an area of desperate need? No, but it was an area of need. Teams adept at taking away TY seemed to give us fits last year. It looked like we lacked dynamic playmakers at times. If Dorsett can fill that role then this pick will have been well worth it. As for your question about taking another QB, Kicker, Punter... of course not. Unlike the positions you listed, multiple WRs are on the field filling a role. I think there is a differe
  9. My prediction: This thread will be hilarious after the season is done.
  10. Thought I'd share this: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/for-hire-receiver-with-big-speed-and-big-heart/ Initially I was shocked by the pick but I'm coming around. I think we got an impact player. Everything I've read about him paints a picture of a guy who is smart and tough with character and unreal talent. He is gonna be special.
  11. Here's my question about Mewhort at tackle: In the write-ups I've seen it looks like Mewhort struggles with assignments where he has to pull. Would that make him a better candidate for Tackle because he be less likely to be pulling? Or does this make him a poor candidate for tackle because lacking the agility/quickness to pull likely means he'd struggle to stay in front of rushers on the edge? Also, I always figured a lineman is more likely to gain strength (ability to push the pile) than speed/quickness through training with the team. I could be completely off base with this so I'd
  12. I don't know how anyone could be sure about Holmes. It has taken him entirely too long to crack a lineup that has had guys named Satele, Shipley, Reitz, and Harrison playing in front of him. Grigson has intimated that the guy is injury prone and to this point, he has only been decent. I agree that the OL has looked better with him at C but I just don't have a ton of faith that he'll be healthy for long enough to allow for the type of stability you want on the Oline. If Cam Erving is there at #29, I'd at least consider taking him.
  13. Good player. Great teammate. I hope it works out for him.
  14. Do you think there is a chance that teams look at what the Cowboys did (including the "reach" for Travis Frederick) and rethink the way all positions on the line are valued. I don't disagree that centers have traditionally gone later... just becoming impatient with the Colts line issues.
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