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  1. I would be thrilled to have the next Wes Welker.
  2. Ballard has consistently talked about building from the inside out. I can't imagine him waiting until the 3rd to take a defensive lineman. and I have a better shot at pooping 100 dollar bills than Ballard using two 2nd rounders on receivers.
  3. Something similar to these. You can't ever go wrong with a woman in chaps.
  4. Took a vote during the weekly poker game . It was unanimous....all the guys wanted less skin shown from the cheerleaders. /s
  5. Here is the other one s
  6. Signing Demaryius Thomas and Tavon Austin is reloading? If you're hunting kittens.
  7. I think you are over hyping the fan hype
  8. He simply gave his opinion that walterfootball kinda sucks. Don't read anything more into it.
  9. You're not a fan of Mack, but then state the colts don't need a rb. That doesn't seem to make sense.
  10. but there is no such thing as positional value....
  11. What about Ben and Tomlin? Brown is 30 yrs old, not some impressionable teenager. Grow up and act like a professional.
  12. The colts line needs a dominant player. Smith is jut more of what the colts already have.
  13. Another WR that can't get separation......just what the colts need.
  14. If he's a nasty pass rusher take him. This is a passing league.
  15. I usually don't want any part of a guy who punches a woman. But it was a female family member, so I kinda give him a pass.
  16. Don't forget Hank Basket IV
  17. Award the defense a point if they force the offense to go 3 and out or turnover.
  18. It was mostly a joke. But I feel if were starting a team from scatch I would probably lean towards Rodgers because I think his skill set is superior. The thought of him with someone like BB is scary.
  19. Plus, Montana was playing in an offense that changed the NFL. Being drafted by bill Walsh at that time was like a golden ticket.
  20. Brady, manning, Montana weren't winning a SB with those dolphins either. brady will go down as the greatest QB ever, but is he actually the best? He's obviously up there, but I'm not convinced he's the best.
  21. Aaron Rodgers plays in the NFC central silly
  22. Everyone knows this has been debated before. That doesn't change my opinion that this thread wouldn't have been made if the chiefs had won in the same manner. If you haven't notice, the hate for the patriots is strong on this forum.
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