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  1. Just wait them out.....Houston and Vernon will get cut.
  2. And the colts got,woods for cheap in free agency. No reason to use a premium pick on a clogger.
  3. The mock draft no one was waiting for.......
  4. Considering Ballard was willing to splurge on Andrew Norwell last season, I see no reason he wouldn't do same with Flowers. Like Norwell, Flowers in a young FA in an area of great need.....seems like a no brainer.
  5. Pitta fractured and dislocated his hip. Considering Doyle played again after his hip injury I don't think his injury is quite as severe.
  6. I have been saying it for years......if Luck wants to take his game to the next level he needs to yell more.
  7. Needs more hand gestures
  8. Considering they just forked over some cash for Jarvis Landry to play the slot, i don't see the Browns going after Humphries.
  9. PR nightmare = 3 people on twitter nobody cares about.
  10. I feel extremely confident Reich didn't offer him the job of Oline coach.
  11. Looks like he just thought of his buddy Anthony Walker as Mosley answered the question.
  12. I havnt watched much of whiteside, but I first glance he appears to be another big receiver who lack quickness and fails to get separation.
  13. Thanks. Sure. Your off season would make me vomit......almost. Not much I like about it all. Sorry.
  14. Why? Clowney is hardly a premier edge rusher. Excellent all around player, but if I'm looking for an edge rusher, he's not that high on my list.
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