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  1. Just wait them out.....Houston and Vernon will get cut.
  2. And the colts got,woods for cheap in free agency. No reason to use a premium pick on a clogger.
  3. The mock draft no one was waiting for.......
  4. Considering Ballard was willing to splurge on Andrew Norwell last season, I see no reason he wouldn't do same with Flowers. Like Norwell, Flowers in a young FA in an area of great need.....seems like a no brainer.
  5. Pitta fractured and dislocated his hip. Considering Doyle played again after his hip injury I don't think his injury is quite as severe.
  6. Why was not hiring kubiak a good idea? I thought that was great match.
  7. While we're at it, they should go back to this shade of blue.
  8. Blue helmet with color rush: no Blue helmet with all whites: yes
  9. I could live with the whites if the color rush became permanent.....nice contrast between the two.
  10. I take it you hate the all whites too?
  11. If the colts are going to play mostly zone I'm not going to spend the #6 pick on a cb. Well, unless he is getting a lot of picks.
  12. Trey Flowers isn't much of a pass rusher. Potential to be an excellent strong side LB though.
  13. 1 Malcolm Brown 2 Mustard 3 Henry Anderson 4 TJ Clemmings 5 Karlos Williams 6 La'el Collins ( Cory Robinson) 6 Tre McBride 7 Antwan Goodley
  14. But I was saying at the time someone should take a flyer on him. Hell, John Elway threatened to play baseball. Not my fault the owners stupidly wanted to make an example of a kid for the crimes of ray rice. Yes, I'm stubborn.
  15. Malcolm Brown Mustard Smith Henry Anderson TJ Clemmings Karlos Williams La'el Collins Grigs' pick Grigs' pick I'm coming mean and I'm coming nasty.
  16. If he is charged then release him. What's the big deal? Like the nation that has the attention span of a 6 week old puppy is gonna remember who drafted some kid from LSU. Fans get on forums and Twitter and act like they care, but they don't. And yes, that awful pounding the NFL has taken. A bunch of fake outrage.....as the ratings continue to be outstanding.
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