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  1. I never said funchess was a great athletes, just a better athlete than a TE who has 20 lbs on him.
  2. I don't need old combine reports to tell me....I have seen them both play in the NFL. If we went strictly by old combine numbers and college scouting reports Coby fleener is a freak athlete, but we all know he isn't.
  3. Other than the QB, I cant think of many big personalities on the Browns. Sure, hunt got into some scuffle with a drunken wacko, but he's never been a locker room problem as far as I know.
  4. I'm the only one that has mentioned him being a diva. That's one post.
  5. Hopefully kitchens turns out like a lot of replacement coaches.....
  6. Diva wide receivers wear out their welcome.
  7. He was never getting more than a 2-3 yr deal. Most players never get more than a 3 yr deal....guaranteed anyway.
  8. I watched a couple chargers games and honestly didn't notice him at all....and he was the reason I tuned in. Granted, that's a small sample size.
  9. He has been overhyped a bit on this forum.
  10. they went broke due to poor money management. that said, I'm all for players making as much money as they can.
  11. Funchess is more athletic than Ebron
  12. Fountain doesn't have a leg up on anyone.
  13. Big time free agents? Lol, the guy had 4 sacks. I like Preston smith, but def not going to miss any sleep over not signing him.
  14. i predict this will age poorly.
  15. Mack, Amari Cooper, even Denice Autry. Then they sign guys like brown marshawn lynch and jordy Nelson. I know they have signed some younger guys, but I don't get signing guys that are 30+ when they are in rebuild mode.
  16. It's because they got rid of young talent and then decided to pay old talent. Great recipe for success.
  17. Great, the raiders might actually hit .500 before Brown's contract is up.
  18. Use the money on desir instead of Inman. If the colts sign Williams, draft Campbell, and use Cain, Inman won't see the field much.
  19. I dunno, Sam darnold was looking good late in the season and is bound to get better under Gase. I think they could be headed in the right direction anyway.
  20. I would quite pleased with Humphries and Amos. Ansah too injury prone.
  21. I'm not a fan of taking receivers in the first round, but just because Dorsett was a bust doesn't mean it would be a wasted pick.
  22. Might want to remove that stick.
  23. Hopefully he can do want Albert haynesworth did for the team.
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