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  1. BOTT

    Gronk is retiring

    Best TE I ever saw play
  2. I think Campbell may slip into round 1. Some offensive coaches are going to fall in love with that guy.
  3. Recent.....Tuesday or Wednesday I believe. Kiper was all about a slot receiver from Toledo. Can't recall his name , but I don't think I've heard him mentioned on the forum.
  4. I'm a big fan of Butler, but getting both TJ Hockenson and Parris Campbell would make me giddy. And I'm usually all about the trenches early in the draft. I doubt either fall to the colts, so just wishful thinking.
  5. Listening to their podcast, kiper and McShay think Isabella is a 4th rounder. If he turns into a stud slot receiver, nobody will care if he was drafted 59th or 89th..
  6. Fountain will be breakout player on the practice squad
  7. I assume he meant going to NYC (NJ actually) and playing for the Giants.
  8. I wouldnt count on it.
  9. Desir earned another contract and got paid. Same with Doyle, Glowinski and Hunt.
  10. Ajayi is who I wanted. He tore his ACL, but was playing late in the year, so he should be good to go for next season.
  11. Yes, because I said he was barely going to play.....exactly what I said.
  12. I like Coleman, but I would rather the colts sign a bigger, more bruising back. Currently there isn't a rb like that on the roster.
  13. Believe he will do well thanks to Frank. I wouldnt pencil him in as the consistent #2. Frank may use him somewhat sparingly, yet effectively, as he did with Ebron before Doyle went down.
  14. I never said funchess was a great athletes, just a better athlete than a TE who has 20 lbs on him.
  15. I don't need old combine reports to tell me....I have seen them both play in the NFL. If we went strictly by old combine numbers and college scouting reports Coby fleener is a freak athlete, but we all know he isn't.
  16. Other than the QB, I cant think of many big personalities on the Browns. Sure, hunt got into some scuffle with a drunken wacko, but he's never been a locker room problem as far as I know.
  17. I'm the only one that has mentioned him being a diva. That's one post.
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