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  1. Dexter Lawrence should be on the list.
  2. true....the colts drafted Darius Leonard in the 2nd last year. If anyone epitomizes "solid", it's DL.......
  3. That's what I said about this guy a long time ago
  4. I want a lil more than a "solid player" with a first round pick.
  5. BOTT

    Gronk is retiring

    Best TE I ever saw play
  6. I think Campbell may slip into round 1. Some offensive coaches are going to fall in love with that guy.
  7. Recent.....Tuesday or Wednesday I believe. Kiper was all about a slot receiver from Toledo. Can't recall his name , but I don't think I've heard him mentioned on the forum.
  8. I'm a big fan of Butler, but getting both TJ Hockenson and Parris Campbell would make me giddy. And I'm usually all about the trenches early in the draft. I doubt either fall to the colts, so just wishful thinking.
  9. Listening to their podcast, kiper and McShay think Isabella is a 4th rounder. If he turns into a stud slot receiver, nobody will care if he was drafted 59th or 89th..
  10. Oh, that's good news. I heard the reviews have not been kind. I've like Brie Larson since "The United States of Tara", but I wasn't sure she pull off Captain Marvel.
  11. Oh, I thought he was a Wes welker type....
  12. When your 3 cone and shuttle times are south of Tom Brady's, I'm not sure your ceiling is JJ or Megatron.
  13. Why would he hate being compared to JuJu?
  14. Not that moss would have become Reggie Wayne, but if moss was drafted by the colts he would have had a much more consistent career.
  15. I've been a proponent of Butlers but I would still prefer a WR with more of an all around game/technician. If the colts sign humphries then maybe give Butler a look in the 2nd and let him and Cain battle it out.
  16. And the colts got,woods for cheap in free agency. No reason to use a premium pick on a clogger.
  17. While we're at it, they should go back to this shade of blue.
  18. Blue helmet with color rush: no Blue helmet with all whites: yes
  19. I could live with the whites if the color rush became permanent.....nice contrast between the two.
  20. I take it you hate the all whites too?
  21. Trey Flowers isn't much of a pass rusher. Potential to be an excellent strong side LB though.
  22. 1 Malcolm Brown 2 Mustard 3 Henry Anderson 4 TJ Clemmings 5 Karlos Williams 6 La'el Collins ( Cory Robinson) 6 Tre McBride 7 Antwan Goodley
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