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    It will end when Brady retires. If BB stays on after Brady retires the pats will still be a legit team, just not the dominant "I hate the fu***** patriots" we all love.
  2. 1 wasn't a big fan of taking a guard at 6, but that video is pretty great. 2 Shaq Lawson wanted none of that
  3. He didn't exactly set the world on fire as a D.C. either. I like Venturi, but his confidence as a commentator doesn't exactly line up with his coaching career.
  4. BOTT


    Basham is miscast......as a NFL football player.
  5. Trading Mack would create another, and bigger, problem.
  6. It's 2018, colts don't need a "grinder".
  7. Overreaction. Luck's top 2 targets are currently injured. You don't react to that by spending a top 10 pick on a WR.
  8. Getting that big money doing commercials for the local furniture store.
  9. Mangini is a yr younger than Eberflus to answer the OP...I would have preferred Mangini, but he would be struggling with the colts defensive talent too.
  10. If the colts are going to play mostly zone I'm not going to spend the #6 pick on a cb. Well, unless he is getting a lot of picks.
  11. BOTT


    Solid right hook as well
  12. When you take into account AC's relatively healthy career and the new offensive scheme I see no reason he can't play well another 4 yrs. I would be kinda shocked if Ballard didn't take a OT in the first 3-4 rounds.
  13. I don't think Dungy made many changes to the offensive staff he inherited. I think Reich keeps guys that prove they are worth keeping.
  14. Damn, having spent 3 first rounders and a second on the offensive line I hope they are getting kinda close.
  15. It would help if people had realistic expectations when it comes to the draft. The biggest problems from the 17 draft is injury. If Hooker and Mack can stay healthy and become the players I believe they are capable of being and walker becomes a solid starter that's a pretty good draft.
  16. a few games with Big Canoli and MM fully healthy.
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