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  1. It will end when Brady retires.  If BB stays on after Brady retires the pats will still be a legit team, just not the dominant "I hate the fu***** patriots" we all love.

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Scott Pennock said:

    I always thought Basham was miscast....he was better off as Sheards backup on the left side over the right tackle. Which, coincidentally is where Muhammad is playing now that Phillips is in the mix behind Turay as the speedrusher.

    Basham is miscast......as a NFL football player.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, Peterk2011 said:


    Mack is talented, but tonight he had so many wide open lanes that even I could run 100 yards :)


    Ok, that's a joke, he was great tonight. But I give the credit to the oline more than him. Wilkins and Hynes also ran with the same efficiency - 8ypc or something like that -, not Mack alone.


    Newertheless, I hope he'll stay healthy, and continue his streak. He is a very nice piece in the backfield, definitely someone who opponents will have to game plan for, if the oline keeps blocking this good. Though, I still think he is not that between the tackles bell cow type yard grinder, who gets yards after the tackle play after play, even if those yards are not there. Wilkins is less flashy, but - with a little help and experience - he could be that guy for us. He has a bit better vision and patience to find those tight holes, and bring those tough, few yards. (Which can be just as important in certain situations - 3rd downs, 4th downs, goal line, etc. - as those big chunk yards that Mack is capable to bring home.)

    It's 2018, colts don't need a "grinder".

  4. 10 hours ago, csmopar said:

    While that is true, you're comparing one of the greatest players ever to a career journey man.  Odds are, he's not getting national or international endorsement deals. However, some municipalities will have greater local endorsement opportunities. Thus an increase in his odds.  

    Getting that big money doing commercials for the local furniture store.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, ColtJ82 said:

    Why would they consider him? Josh McDaniels hand picked Eberflus and the Colts stuck with him. That is the simple reason he wasn't considered for DC. He also employs a 3-4.


    I also feel we wanted to move away from the older generation of coaches. Game has and continues to change. 

    Mangini is a yr younger than Eberflus


    to answer the OP...I would have preferred Mangini, but he would be struggling with the colts defensive talent too.

  6. 19 hours ago, Trueman said:

    I mean sure, we've invested draft capital in the OL , but AC was 7 years ago and he's 30. We can't really bank on a ton of more production from him and he's not an elite LT. I can't really envision an Andrew Whitworth post 30 career for him. Maybe I'm wrong in that assessment. 

    Two more OT's to really solidify the group would be my guess. One to start at RT , and one to provide depth/hopefully take over for AC. I wish some of Grigson's OT selections worked out , but they haven't. We can't punish Ballard for errors from the past regime. Our OT depth is pretty crap , and it needs to be addressed in the draft. 

    Really, there's 3 pieces you could consider long term options: Nelson, Kelly, Smith... I mean, it's pretty evident we need some quality young tackles. Considering how offensive line play has significantly dropped off due to the CBA (lack of practice time/reps) , getting two guys in whilst we still have a starting option like AC wouldn't be a bad idea, imo.

    If there was ever a positional group to stack , it would be the OL for me. 

    Personally, I want one of those freakish 3-tech's in the 1st round , and then draft an OT with one of our 2nd rounders. But, if a Greg Little or Jonah Williams is available at our selection , I wouldn't mind it if Ballard takes him. Adding a Tarik Glenn level player would be immense. 

    I don't see the point in half-as(s)ing it now that we're here. We almost destroyed one of the greatest QB prospects of all-time , lets make damn sure it doesn't happen. We need more on the OL. If the draft board cooperates, I strongly believe Ballard should take an OT with one of our top 3 selections. 



    When you take into account AC's relatively healthy career and the new offensive scheme I see no reason he can't play well another 4 yrs.


    I would be kinda shocked if Ballard didn't take a OT in the first 3-4 rounds. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, LockeDown said:

    I agree and he might keep Eberflus too.  I think Reich, just like Dungy, probably wants his “guys”to Get shots at coaching gigs.  I say that because it seems he has character and cares.

    I don't think Dungy made many changes to the offensive staff he inherited. I think Reich keeps guys that prove they are worth keeping.

  8. 20 hours ago, Trueman said:

    Thought he did well all things considered. Still want us to draft at least one tackle high next year.

    We're still not done building the trenches -- not even close.

    Damn, having spent 3 first rounders and a second on the offensive line I hope they are getting kinda close.

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  9. It would help if people had realistic expectations when it comes to the draft. The biggest problems from the 17 draft is injury.  If Hooker and Mack can stay healthy and become the players I believe they are capable of being and walker becomes a solid starter that's a pretty good draft.

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  10. 7 hours ago, King Colt said:

    Hopefully over the course of the next twenty years your coverage won't change. With the population and average ages of the population anything can and will change. My insurance goes up every couple years. Socialism is slowly on the rise in America and that will surely change things pertaining to medical coverages if it continues which I believe it will.

    Socialism is awesome


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