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  1. I spit out my drink when you included mike ditka on your mt rushmore
  2. I don't like the hype either, but the 2015 colts were always a mirage.
  3. You always go with pass rush first. Unless you have deon sanders and mike Haynes beck there, the corners can only cover for so long. The colts gave up so many plays in the freeney/Mathis era because the secondary practically gift wrapped 6-7 yard completions by playing so far off the receivers.
  4. Jesus, fun to be you......
  5. That's when I started questioning the value of running backs.
  6. I think it was McShay who was talking up Hart a couple weeks ago on his podcast with Mel.
  7. Rogers is the best at celebrating after catching his first catch of the game in the 3rd quarter when they are down 14 pts.
  8. Cain has done just as much in the NFL as Campbell.
  9. I think it's clear sweat didnt check out medically for most teams....or he wouldn't have fallen to 26.
  10. Not a big fan of metcalf, but I think he will make a lot of big plays down field when Wilson breaks contain.
  11. Common sense to take the team you are trading with into consideration.
  12. 2 Hookers are always better than one.
  13. I highly doubt Ballard traded up because the guy is a great teammate.
  14. 25 teams passed on a freakishly athletic edge rusher.....till the model franchise traded up for him.
  15. Not sure knocking up a woman while in college is a sign of maturity.
  16. Some fans better check for that stick
  17. DK falling due to injury concerns and lack of agility.
  18. Ramsey was pretty much "white players bad, black players good" lol.
  19. Very happy. Can't believe he last till 59.
  20. Don't worry, the majority of people giving opinions about RYS haven't seen him play either.
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