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  1. Fans haven’t caused the obvious devaluation of running backs over the last couple decades.
  2. Nobody is knocking his talent.
  3. im guessing quarterbacks take it a bit more seriously than corners.
  4. Adding black to the uniform would be cool. if the year was 2005
  5. meh, fans would cheer anyone who helped the team win. I would cheer for Brady if he was a colt....always seemed like a good guy.
  6. Not sure how the Chinese govt persuaded people back to work....
  7. Better let Leftwich call the plays
  8. But aren’t you just hoping those guys can turn into a player like Buckner? Ballard just got the sure thing at age 26.
  9. I wasn’t a believer in Winston coming out of college and I’m not a believer in him now. Granted, he hasn’t had the best coaching in the nfl, but I always thought he came across as somewhat foolish.
  10. Fired?? Give that man a lifetime contract!
  11. Not much difference besides that whole putting a team on your back and leading them to playoff wins thing.
  12. I think some people are upset with the trade because it takes away from their draft fun.
  13. Trey Flowers isn't much of a pass rusher. Potential to be an excellent strong side LB though.
  14. 1 Malcolm Brown 2 Mustard 3 Henry Anderson 4 TJ Clemmings 5 Karlos Williams 6 La'el Collins ( Cory Robinson) 6 Tre McBride 7 Antwan Goodley
  15. But I was saying at the time someone should take a flyer on him. Hell, John Elway threatened to play baseball. Not my fault the owners stupidly wanted to make an example of a kid for the crimes of ray rice. Yes, I'm stubborn.
  16. Malcolm Brown Mustard Smith Henry Anderson TJ Clemmings Karlos Williams La'el Collins Grigs' pick Grigs' pick I'm coming mean and I'm coming nasty.
  17. If he is charged then release him. What's the big deal? Like the nation that has the attention span of a 6 week old puppy is gonna remember who drafted some kid from LSU. Fans get on forums and Twitter and act like they care, but they don't. And yes, that awful pounding the NFL has taken. A bunch of fake outrage.....as the ratings continue to be outstanding.
  18. Sure, but why not take a flyer with a 6-7th round pick? You're virtually risking nothing for a big payoff. And as far as I know, which isn't much, wasn't he simply being interviewed by the police because he used to date the woman? It's not like there was a bloody glove or anything.
  19. I'm not missing the point. I would have still drafted him late and called his bluff.....unless he really wanted to sit out a whole yr of football. Doing that is not usually good for ones career.
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