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  1. Maybe tolzien will get some bruised ribs or something and get knocked out for the game. One can hope.
  2. David perkins , Illinois state late round flyer ?
  3. I say trade up. Is amazing talent that is at a position we need to upgrade. Take a chance.
  4. With the resigning of Allen and nothing really on the fleener front, could the Colts think that Swoope is ready to come along and replace the inconsistent Fleener ? Hopefully. Any thoughts on this
  5. Maybe they think Eric Swoope is ready to come along and play into what Fleener was supposed to be ?
  6. I don't get why we gave ty the money. He's a one trick pony.
  7. A believe a super bowl appearance would save their jobs
  8. The 1st onside should have been ours. And the foolish punt call...
  9. We need someone that can rush the passer. It was horrible to watch. Newsome is taking a step back. He seems to be letting up. Mathis couldn't beat the left tackle.
  10. We need someone that can rush the passer. It was horrible to watch.
  11. On both of Gores TD runs, he gets some very good blocks. Ya he needs some work on his tech, and maybe some pass blocking but seems like his run blocking was very good today.
  12. would love to keep him at OSU. However, it always seems like his teams are fairly well prepared for most big games. Seems like something the colts are missing. Hes obviously a great talent evaluator also. Has some fire behind him also.
  13. Im hoping that there are few surprises in the colts game, New QB, maybe no Mccoy. Hopefully the colts can capitalize on it get a INT or 2. But im leery!
  14. Cincy vs Oak or Indy vs Buf defenses week 1. Who should I start.
  15. So the people you named set us back ? 2 nobodys that are not starting for anyone. And didnt cost anything....just like ncnary...
  16. wth. Harrison and louis. Is the coaching staff blind or...
  17. Sounds like the new Blair white. There is a reason no one has picked Whalen up people. I would rather give Brazil another go. This suspension would be up by now.
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