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  1. 13: Aj Epenesa DE 34: Tyler Johnson WR 44: Kmet TE 75: Mudubuike DT 112: Arnette CB 142: Driscoll OT 173: Dunvernay WR 190: Hamilton DT 204: Dillon RB
  2. Not a fan of the draft. Waste of our 13th and 34th picks. need two blue chip prospects in those positions. Not a Backup QB and a receiver or the like...we could probably get at 44 or 3rd round.
  3. Brown, Epenesa, Simmons, Jeudy, Kinlaw, Wirfs, Lamb... Dont care which QBs are drafted... Build that Defense and/or strengthen the Offensive line or Receiving core... No project QBs until round 3. QB in FA...sure. That QB risk (Lack of production next year(s)) is not worth the draft capital Ballard has built up. If more than one of those guys are available at our pick...Then I’m ok with trading back a couple slots...pick up another 2nd next year.
  4. Depends on his 40 time... oh how we love those running QBs in Indy.
  5. In order of preference (least risk...) Brown DT, Epenesa DE, Simmons S/OLB/Edge, Kinlaw, DT, Wirfs OT, Willis OL, Gross-Matos DE, Jeudy WR, Lamb WR... etc...
  6. Take last year... Murray 1 Jones 6 Lock 42... aside from Burrow, Tua, Herbert... Do any of the other Project QBs this year go in the first round? Love, Jones, Fromm, Hurt, Eason, etc...
  7. JB is the man. Now draft for need. There will be two blue chip guys at 13 and 34 respectively. Any two of these guys will improve our team tremendously. Epenesa, Gross-Matos, Lamb, Kinlaw, Wirfs, Willis, Becton, Jones, Johnson, Jackson, Brown, Thomas, Simmons, etc...
  8. Respectfully...Not a fan of it. Project QB in the first. TE (4th TE...behind Doyle, Henry, Ali-Cox) at 34th pick... no real production from the top two picks in 2020... We need immediate difference makers at positions of need with those picks.
  9. Go Wirfs, Epenesa, Kinlaw or Gross-Matos in round one and its a great draft... JB gets one more year to prove himself
  10. Not a fan of the mock... but as Ballard mentioned more depth... I do believe Brissett needs one more year.
  11. Would not select any QB other than Burrow... in the first or second round. Too many holes...and our 3 draft picks can fill a few of them.
  12. As much as people want those reliable Peyton Manning offenses...Andrew Luck offenses...we are not that team. I believe...we are shaping into one of those early Steeler, Ravens, Giants teams that won the SB. I think we select players that contribute to our previously selected RD1 and RD2 (Leonard, Nelson, Smith, Rock) success...Whether it is a stud DT to insulate Leonard or Another blue chip Offensive lineman to assist Smith,Kelly or Nelson... or another DE to rush the passer... Until THAT QB reveals himself...I think Ballard will continue to build upon his vision...with the least amount of ri
  13. I believe his name is Epenesa... Need an OT option there too...
  14. No... it would be a lost opportunity if we did take a QB before round 3
  15. In order of preference; 1. Brown DT 2. Epenesa DE 3. Jeudy WR 4. Wirfs OT 5. Delpit S 6. GrossMatos DE 7. Kinlaw DT 8. Okudah CB 8. Leatherwood OT 9. Lamb WR 10. Johnson WR
  16. Absolutely... Espensa, Wirfs, Brown, Jeudy... Delpit, Gross-Matos, Kinlaw would be on my short list.
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