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  1. Collie gone... Avery, Hilton, Whalen, Brazill in the slot. 1. WR Wayne. 2. WR FA?
  2. 9-7 or 10-6 Wildcard probably... Houston 11-5 Indy 10-6 Tennessee 7-9 Jags 5-11
  3. This team was a fluke 80 yard TD away by J-ville from going 12-4...
  4. RD 1: Warmack, Cooper, Jones, Matthews, Lotulelei, Jenkins, etc... (A few teams will take a chance on a random player... QBs or otherwise) * RD 3: Dri Archer, Warford RD 4: Rambo...Kenon Varner *Trade up if possible... FA: Long OT
  5. Oh that's okay... I'll change my mock mind a dozen times before draft time... Offensive Guard #1 priority (Warmack, Cooper, Jones) in the 1st.
  6. 1. Warmack, Cooper, Jones (OL) 2. REID (S) LSU - (If we cannot restructure contract trade Freeney to Miami for Long or a 2nd round pick) 3. Dri Archer (Darren Sproles Type) 4. Amerson (DB) FA: Defense
  7. Game starts when TY Hilton runs a seem route past ED Reed...game ends when Ed Reed, Ray Lewis announce their retirements. Stupid Bird. Colts 27 Ravens 20
  8. Warmack or Cooper or Jones (G) (1st) Amerson DB/S or Hunter or Warford (OL) (3rd) Dri Archer (Sproles type) (4th) Shane Skov (LB) (5th) Trade 6th...for 2014 FA: Long, LARRY FITZGERALD etc...
  9. Andy Reid ----> Chargers/Bears Jon Gruden -----> Bears/Philly Lovie Smith -----> Arizona/Jags or not...
  10. Trade Pick if Warmack or Jenkins DT is not available for 2 second rounders. 1 (2nd) This year: Cooper (G) or Jones (C/G) 3rd Round. Elam (S), Amerson (DB/S) or Skov (LB)... Free Agents: Long, See what Freeney will bring $$$. (2-3 round pick?)
  11. Dad, what the heck were you doing at age 15? Laughing... Take Care.
  12. You sound like you are arguing quietly in your own subjective senior citizen head. I could care less about Stanford...or any history of Stanford as it pertains to professional football. (Go Irish!) Let me stress that again...Stanford doesn't matter here. AND "Thanks for playing" Interesting... Curious, what professional football team were you an OLD fan of before Mr. Luck was drafted? Raiders? 49ers? Curses... Dare I say that the soap box that you are standing on is shaking. All joking aside... 9-7 would be a wonderful achievement. 10-6 and the right to play Denver in the wildcard...oh boy
  13. 1.) Thanks for that thorough background of Mr. Luck? Point is...(since you missed it) EVERYONE wants to play ("with a little more fire") better when his hometown crowd (which Houston is where he played HS Football...HS Buddies/coaches etc. will be in the audience. 2.) "but I don't know that he has any other real attachment to the area" So where is your point? 3.) WFT RICE hahahaha is not STANFORD...ie...rice < North Texas < UTEP < SMU < HOUSTON < TCU < TTECH < BAYLOR < TEXAS < TAM < STANFORD. For example: Say Andrew Luck is from Indy. The reason that he didn't
  14. "Strike First! Strike Hard. No Mercy Sir." -Cobra Khan Dojo
  15. YES. Chance Warmack. For two reasons: 1.) ALL-Pro all around Star Guard 2.) Protection for Luck. Next: Trade 3rd and 5th...to grab Reid (S), Elam (S) Mosley (LB) or Jones (C/G) early in the second
  16. Andrew Luck is from Houston. So there may be a little more fire in his play when the Colts and Texans meet. COLTS vs. STEELERS (Wildcard Game)
  17. 10-6 or 9-7 Just to get into the playoffs is key. We can beat anyone...(Packers) alas...we can be beat by anyone (LA Jags). EARLY DRAFT PREDICTION (One of the following will be available) 1. Warmack OG 2. Barett Jones C/OG 3. Hankins DT 4. Lotulelei DT 5. Jones LB 6. Teo LB
  18. Still looking sweet... Now...Molk and Burfict!!!!!
  19. Not sure about the future Brady-Manning rivalry/comparison. However, Andrew "Wolfman" Luck or Andrew "Chops" Luck will probably have his hands full in the AFC South. Scaub, Locker, Gabbert.
  20. 1. (Luck) QB 2. Fleener TE or (Zeitler) G 3. Orson Charles TE or Dwayne Allen TE or Nick Toon WR 4. A. Ta'amu DT or David Molk C 5. Chase Minnifield CB or Chris Rainey RB 6...Burflict LB...or Prater CB 7...DeVier Posey WR
  21. 1. (Luck) QB 2. Fleener TE or (Zeitler) G 3. Orson Charles TE or Dwayne Allen TE or Nick Toon WR 4. A. Ta'amu DT or David Molk C 5. Chase Minnifield CB or Chris Rainey RB 6...Burflict LB...or Prater CB 7...DeVier Posey WR
  22. Manning has been out all year...Shocker at this point right? What about "The Polians"? What makes them good at drafting talent? 2-13 w/o 1 player (Manning). Is Manning that good (Yes) or has Manning's greatness covered up "The Polians" bad decisions? We need to play a good half of football @ Jacksonville, then sit everyone. 2-14 will allow COLTS fans to really get a good judge of the General Management of the COLTS organization.
  23. No... Continues to put great teams, "Defenses" on the field. A he is a trickster... Nice change of pace.
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