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  1. COLTS 1st RD pick, Stanton...for Arizona's 2nd,4th RD picks and LARRY FITZGERALD. Pray with me...
  2. We did pick up "Killeen" from the AFL...? DE/OLB Based on TRADE w/Arizona... "best available" and "value" always dictates need...or vise/versa. 1. TRADE TO ARIZONA 2. ELAM/REID/AMERSON (DB/SS) 3. Khaseem Greene or Sean Porter or Jalani Jenkins or Chase Thomas or Arthur Brown or Kevin Minter (LB) 3. WATSON (OL) Da'Rick Rogers (WR) 4. Khalid Holmes (G/C) 5. Kwame Geathers (NT) 6. ... FA: Long 3 interior linemen: Watson, Holmes, Long (OL) 4 Defense players (w/Killeen) with 3 levels of improvement: Line, Backer, Coverage *Da'Rick Rogers being the wildcard in this MOCK in 3RD. 6'3" W
  3. i like it... 1. (TRADE TO ARIZONA) (2.) Matt Elam or Reid (SS) or Amerson (DB) (3.) Khaseem Greene (LB) or Sean Porter or Jelani Jenkins (OLB) 3. Menelik Watson (OL) or Da'Rick Rodgers (WR) 4. Khalid Holmes (G/C) 5. Kwame Geathers (NT) 6. ... 3 levels of defense addressed: S/DB-LB-DL and OL FA: Long (OL)
  4. Chase Thomas... LB Jelani Jenkins... LB Sean Porter...LB E. Ansah... OLB/DE Sylvester Williams...DL Jon Hankins... NT Kwame Geathers (4th RD)... NT etc...
  5. Offensive Option 1. Cooper, Jones, Johnson, Thomas, Fluker (OL) 2. NA 3. Larry Warford (OL) or Menelik Watson (OL) 4. Kenon Barner or Dri Archer (RB/WR) Defensive Option 1. Ansah or Hankins or Williams (DL) 2. NA 3. Thomas (OLB) or Jelani Jenkins or Sean Porter (OLB) 4. Kwame Geathers (NT) Maybe try to get LARRY FITZGERALD for draft picks since Bruce Arians is Head Coach @ Arizona... FA: Long (OL)
  6. Thanks. I always wonder where "football know-it-all guys" get your information...especially for "mock drafting"? The "experts" rarely get these predictions correct. Mock and let mock... Mocking allows one to gather an idea of where the fans stand on the team needs from a position standpoint...not necessarily...a player standpoint. You must be married and need to finally get a word in...if so...okay I get it. Ball on...
  7. Mocking is still has more credibility than watching the NBA, NHL...
  8. Mocking goodness. 1. Jenkins (NT) or Banks (DB) 3. Warford (G) 4. Kwame Geathers (NT) 355lbs... 5. TJ McDonald or Lester (S) 6. DB FA: Long (OL)
  9. Offensive minded draft 1. Cooper (G) or Allen (WR) 2. NONE 3. Warford or Hunter 4. Dri Archer or Kenon Barner (WR/KR options rather than RB) Possible 3rd down WR package: Wayne, Hilton/Avery, Archer/Barner, Keenan Allen/Brazill, Allen/Fleener, FA: OL, DB, Defensive minded draft 1. Mingo (OLB) or Jenkins (DT) 3. Arthur Brown (OLB) Kevin Minter (LB) Chase Thomas (LB) 4. Dri Archer or Robert Lester (S) FA: OL, WR
  10. No Thank you. Chase Thomas, Arthur Brown, Minter, Ogletree, Mosley, Greene, Simon, Jenkins, Porter, Bostic, Johnson, Alonso, Reddick, etc, etc... Too much value later in the draft...
  11. M. I. N. G. O. and Mingo was his name oh... Kidding. Need OL or S/DB help. Freeney to Denver or Dallas
  12. 1. Packers Game 2. Vick Ballard "He was only below 10000 feet for a few seconds...How did he see the mig you ask...he was inverted." -Goose 3. Lions Victory TD
  13. Great pick-up... need to keep him. amerson/Reid would look good opposite with Vaughn and/butler in Dime.
  14. Starts with the owner, VP, GM, HEAD COACH, then assistant coaches... Garrett and Romo gone... Jon Gruden or Bill Cow-her. Pick up Glennon or Barkley in the second or third round and go...
  15. Doug Nussmeier? Norv Turner? Jon Gruden? Jason Garrett...waiting for the pink slip?
  16. Colts Option 1. Offensive 1. Cooper 3. Warford 4. Dri Archer or Kenon Barner FA: Long (OT) Fitzgerald (WR) Colts Option 2. Defensive 1. Mingo or Jenkins 3. Reed, Elam, Amerson, Arthur Brown, Chase Daniels, McDonald 4. Beast Available... FA: Long (OL) Vollmer (OL) Option #3 1. Trade pick for 2014 1st RD pick 3. Warford 4. Dri Archer or Kenon Barner FA: Long (OL) Vollmer (OL)
  17. O-Line 2013 Long (FA) *Cooper (RD 1 pick?) or Warford (RD 3 pick?) Satele Shipley Castonzo , Linkenback, Justice, Reitz, Ijalana?
  18. Collie gone... Avery, Hilton, Whalen, Brazill in the slot. 1. WR Wayne. 2. WR FA?
  19. 9-7 or 10-6 Wildcard probably... Houston 11-5 Indy 10-6 Tennessee 7-9 Jags 5-11
  20. This team was a fluke 80 yard TD away by J-ville from going 12-4...
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