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  1. 3:15-8:15 minutes...along with the rest of the video
  2. Here’s food for thought.... what were your initial thoughts on the Giants 1st round pick last year...(be honest) I thought Gettleman was bat $h!t crazy... Gettleman Vs. Ballard... Gettleman Selected Daniel Jones when Josh Allen, Ed Oliver were available... Do you think Ballard selects; Jordan Love when BLUE CHIP (WR, DT, OT, etc) is available...
  3. Indy... that was a good trade followed by a bad trade... Boo... ha
  4. Colts are showing interest so that 4 QBs go before pick 13... My guess old CB has 9-10 blue chippers...outside the QB position. Masterclass misdirection, tomfoolery, gamesmanship...
  5. Appreciate the effort but you just may be out of your mocking find. Cheers.
  6. Draft day...Do you think either of those are realistic opportunities for the Colts? I don’t... So they are not on my board.
  7. 1. Brown DT 2. Jeudy WR 3. Lamb WR 4. Kinlaw DT 5. Thomas OT 6. Wirfs OT 7. Ruggs III WR 8. Henderson.CB 9. Herbert QB 10. Epenesa DE 11. Willis OT 12. Tee Higgins WR Thoughts... Your top 12?
  8. Trickeration, Gamesmanship and tomfoolery... Welcome to March and the NFL draft
  9. We going Blue Chip in the first...BPA. Sorry to bust your Love bubbles...
  10. His 5.11s forty only helps our cause...however slight it is I’ll take it... I can see Raiders going Ruggs III instead of Epenesa...too.
  11. Duvernay, Greenard, Davidson, Cephus, Akers, Arnette are a few guys I like...
  12. Ballard is going to select BPA at a position of NEED... Not a prospect in round one... Round two... Maybe he takes a little more risk and goes for a guy like love. I think pick 13 going to be a guy with the least risk. If your job/credibility is on the line... you would go with the BPA (Blue chip) guy over a prospect every time.
  13. 1. Bengals - Joe Burrow QB 2. Redskins - Chase Young DE 3. Lions - Jeff Okudah CB 4. Giants - Jerry Jeudy WR 5. Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa QB 6. Chargers - Justin Herbert QB 7. Panthers - Isaiah Simmons LB 8. Cardinals - CeeDee Lamb WR 9. Jaguars - Andrew Thomas OT 10. Browns - Tristan Wirfs OT 11. Jets - Jedrick Wills OT 12. Raiders - AJ Epenesa DE 13. Colts - Brown DT
  14. Looking at the wrong information... it would be for pick 7 or 8... sorry
  15. RD1:P#6 (Trade w/ Atlanta) Derrick Brown DT3 RD2:P#34 Josh Jones OT RD2:P#44 Marlon Davidson EDGE RD3:P#75 (Traded to Atlanta w/Q. Wilson CB) RD4:P#112 Jordan Elliot DT3 RD4:(Comp) Donavan People’s-Jones WR RD5:P#160 Quintez Cepheus WR RD6:P#193 Jeremy Chinn S RD7:P#227 Carlos Davis DT3 Source: https://www.drafttek.com/m/2020-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp FA: Constanzo OT FA: Berry S FA: Hooper TE FA: Rivers QB
  16. Frank Reich just won a Combine Oscar. Just waiting for those offers for the 13th pick
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