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  1. Early onset of Schrodinger’s Fingers... you are neither typing nor not typing...ha
  2. Would have to be 4 first rounders...to have a shot at the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes...
  3. BPA... Now we have the line... maybe add 1st-3rd round talent at the skill positions... probably should have had a top OG in third or fourth. I just don’t see those top guys DT falling to us... so take the top guys in other positions.
  4. Yes it would...I was primarily looking at our DT draft history. Woods 4th rounder, Ridgeway 4th rounder, Stewart 4th rounder, hunt 2nd rounder by the bengals, Autry UDFA... etc. I think the value for DT is there...unless one of the top 5 fall to 26.
  5. FA: Collins S or Mosley LB FA: Flowers DE 2019- NFL Draft (Luck Needs Weapons...) (First Choice/Second Choice) 1. TJ Hockenson IOWA or Noah Fant IOWA (TE) 2. DeAndre Baker UG (CB) or N'Keal Harry ASU (WR) 2. Kelvin Harmon NCSTATE (WR) or Armani Oruwariye PSU (CB) 3. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson UF (CB/Nickle/S) or Andy Isabella (WR) 4. Christian Rector USC (DT3) 4. Renell Wren ASU (DT3) 5. Joe Gaziano NW (DT3) 6. Shareef Miller PSU EDGE
  6. Nope. Was watching an episode of Dominique Wilkins on Larry Bird... “There are a lot of great athletes...but Bird was a great basketball player...” There is a difference...most recent John Ross. There will be a difference maker at 26, 34 and 59 without trading up
  7. Wilkins (Strong Character Guy/Colts Guy) at 26 would be ideal... But I think we are going to have a selection of DT3, DT5, late in the 2nd and 3rd rounds...Jack Doyle is not a given to be back or be healthy. I would not be upset with Hockenson (Strong Character Guy/Colts Guy) TE at 26 or 34 (Run Blocking and Great Pass Catcher for Luck until the end of time...) Interesting to see where Murphy, Baker CB fall as well. If FA: Flowers or Clowney EDGE and Collins S Hope we go with DT, CB, or TE with 26/34...If those guys are there... 1. One CB away... Wilson,
  8. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2822286-2019-nfl-draft-big-board-matt-millers-top-players-at-start-of-scouting-combine
  9. In general... Top DT, Top CB, Top OT or Top S...left on our board. Would prefer to trade out for a 2020 first rounder and a late 2nd rounder in 2019 if possible.
  10. I like the pick. Add another top DT3 or DT5 at 34 might help Turay or Lewis on the edge...DT depth is just as valuable as offensive line depth.
  11. Still would go DT, OT, S, CB, WR in the first 3 rounds. Turay > Burns IMO.
  12. WR in the third at the earliest... unless there is a Brissett trade that somehow moves us into the mid second with another pick. The Defensive players available at 34 and 59 will be studs at positions we current have needs for... Cain and Fountain still get their opportunity to shine
  13. Agree to disagree. I don't see us spending a lot of dollars on FA this year. That money will be used to solidify our own FA in the future..."keeping our own players" I've heard Ballard use a couple of times... Don't get me wrong, I think if those specific pieces are out there, he will pursue them...but I believe he will only pull the trigger to complete the team at the right price / at the right time... 2020... Best guess... We are just ahead of his curve / spoiled with last years draft class.
  14. Hypothetical: Brissett and our 4th Rounder to Miami for pick #48. Possible? If so, who do you pick? And with the #48 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select...
  15. He could be Vic Beasley or Von Miller... Hard to say. I'd take a shot at him at 26 knowing that maybe Jones, Allen, Lawrence, Murphy, Baker, Edwards, etc... could be there at 34.
  16. There is a lot of talent in those first three rounds... Jacoby and our 4th round comp pick... for a mid/late 2nd rounder.
  17. 7 of the 8 picks...probably will not be at the picks you are mocking. I hope I am wrong and you are right.
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