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  1. 1st Rounders 1. Wilkins DT 2. Gary DT 3. Lawrence DT 4. Simmons DT 5. Dillard OT 6. Williams CB 7. Murphy CB 8. Brown WR 9. Lindstrom OG 10. Bradberry OC 2nd Round 1. Abram S 2. Rapp S 3. Gardner-Johnson S 4. Harry WR 5. Little OT 6. Tillery DT 7. Butler WR 8. Collier EDGE 9. McCoy OC 10. Omenihu EDGE 2nd 2nd Rounder 1. McGary OT 2. Jones DT 3. Campbell WR 4. Savage S 5. Layne CB 6. Isabella WR 7. McGovern OG 8
  2. McGary or Edwards at 59... Dillard or Little at 34 if one should fall...if that is BPA on Ballards Board
  3. 3rd Rounder... to compliment another DT picked in the 1st or 4th...
  4. He “most probably” could... don’t p on my mocking dreams stitches... ha
  5. Good safeties are in abundance in the first three rounds... Rapp, Abrams, Thompson, Gardner-Johnson, Hooker, Savage Jr... etc... 1-2 will probably... not be a safety pick... if Wilkins, Lawrence, Simmons are there... I do not think we pass on 1-2 of them. if Hockenson, Burns is there at 26 and 2 of the 3 others...are on the board, I think 34 becomes best DL there... IMO
  6. Hockenson, Lawrence, Gardner-Johnson would be a nice 1-2-3...
  7. Roger Goodell does not get Booed... Jacoby Brissett in some sort of trade nets us another 2nd round pick... Colts trade out of 1st round and get 2 second round picks (1 in 2019, 1 in 2020)... The draftee walking music is nothing but old Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams and George Jones songs... Colts Draft Teammates The 2019 NFL Draft is sponsored by: Jack Daniels Country Cocktails...
  8. Hard to say... I think we are in need of a slot receiver... Would be a hard decision between the super athletic Isabella and Reilly. I would lean toward Isabella...
  9. First four picks seem solid. Not familiar with the other names.
  10. We shall see... https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/ind/roster/
  11. If I take a Lawrence with one of those top two picks...I’m also taking another DT like a Jones, Saunders or Wren to give both a better opportunity of success... somewhere in first 4 rounds...
  12. “Building through the draft” -CB I don’t see us moving up... I only seeing us move back and acquiring picks...
  13. Nice mock. IMO the safety class has 5-7 that could go in the top 3 rounds...might switch out safety in RD1 to safety in RD3... and look at A.J. Brown... as an option at 26... 2 cents...
  14. Misdirection is a masters craft...and you are no Jedi...yet. Ha...
  15. Just common sense... 34th is basically a first round talent type pick with all the QBs...DL picks ahead of us... I’ll take two players (1st Rd talent or arguably BPA at their respective positions) in positions of absolute need rather than one... IMO
  16. I think we are still building through the draft... more picks rather than fewer... Free Agency is where we will add those necessary-complimentary pieces. I can see use trading back into the earlier 2nd. Adding another 3rd-5th if the player isn’t there or if many of the players are there...don’t see us moving up for an edge player with Houston, Lewis and Turay all on board.
  17. A. 1RD26: Christian Wilkins DT 2RD34: Taylor Rapp S 2RD59: Chase Winovich Edge 3RD89: David Montgomery RB 4RD129: Max Sharping OT 4RD135: Lonnie Johnson CB 5RD164: Hunter Renfrow WR 6RD199: Isaiah Johnson Jr. CB 7RD240: Lorenzo Neal DT B. 1RD26: Andrea Dillard OT 2RD34: Dexter Lawrence DT 2RD59: Joe Jackson Edge 3RD89: Darnell Savage Jr. S 4RD129: Renell Wren DT 4RD135: David Sills WR 5RD164: Shareef Miller Edge 6RD199: Kahale Warring TE 7RD240: Alex Bars G C.
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