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  1. With the understanding that we mockers are 99% wrong...going a different direction


    If no trade, then...

    34: Epenesa DE (Replacement for Sheerd)

    44: Davidson DT/DE 


    Both will have on field production in 2020. 


    D-Line: Houston (contract ends next year) Buckner, Davidson, Autry (contract ends next year) Epenesa. Stewart...Lewis...

    3rd-4th round... Top OL, WR, S or CB...


  2. 2019 draft scenario...


    Colts trade RD1: 26.


    Colts got pick No. 46 and the 34th pick in 2020.


    2020 draft scenario...(IF Ballard is

    Creature of habit...)


    Rd2: (34 and 193 Trade w/ Seattle for picks 59 & 64)

    (573–580 Pt. Value)

    RD2:34  (Traded to Seattle)

    RD2:44 Michael Pittman Jr. WR USC

    Rd2:59  Ezra Cleveland OT BSU

    Rd2:64 Jordan Elliott DT Missouri

    Rd3:75  Bradlee Anae, Edge Utah

    Rd4:122  Devin Duvernay WR UT

    RD5:160  Dalton Keene TE VT

    RD6:193  (Traded to Seattle)

    RD6:197 Derrek Tuszka DE-ST NDState

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