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  1. we do not need bell/ look no farther than all the money vikings paid cousins nelson going to be all pro for the next 10 years
  2. trade with packers colts send morrison linebacker to packers for a db
  3. bobby boyd lenny lyes rick volk big play ray buchana give them a call
  4. no gamble at all the line will be better this year good draft
  5. been an excellent draft up to now we made a great trade we made great strides on the offensive line we are in great cap space we are not be able to fix everythingin 1 year im just glad we are heading in the right direction
  6. no way theywant a linebacker i look for a lot of trading on drat night if we dont get chubb we will be moving back
  7. I agree the running back will go first the browns are scared colts would take him at three
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