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  1. wow i thought i was the only one thinking this.
  2. greg hardy is a 4-3 de. I do not think he would do well in a 3-4 defense.
  3. I personaly would like to go after Rodney Hudson from Kansas City, but if we cannot get him i would draft a center in the 2nd round. Shipler, Holmes, and Harrison just do not impress me much.
  4. i live here in arizona. Got season tickets from my company sitting at the 40 in the ring of honor. 31-13 colts
  5. wish him a recovery and a happy ending, but if we have to get another coach ray horton down here in az is doing a heck of a job with the cardinals defense
  6. how about take wamack and get Jake Long in free agency. We are allowed to dream right?
  7. i joined also. now ya need one more
  8. i agree so Jake Long come on down. Costonzo move to rt and Jake Long at LT we will be set at O-line. With all the cap room we have i will be really dissappointed if we do not get him.
  9. Edit RG3 is an incredible talent i will give you that, but luck is by far superior they compare him to Elway. Have you seen the pass for 50+ yards while falling down, or the block where he laid out the defender, or any of his scrambles? Now the guy is saying he would rather be with his team rather than class so he can do his job better. Your critisizing him for this? I own my own company, i would give anything to have an employee that deeicated , he would be running my company for me. Stop hating him cause ummm well you know lets say personal reasons. If RG3 said the same thing i would love hi
  10. I love Reggie but face reality he has lost a step and is no longer a legit #1 wr he is a really good #2 at this point and will only get worse
  11. i think Amerson but should we really exclude Robert Woods?
  12. Come on everyone take the blinders off. I know everyone here bleeds blue but be realistic, even with Peyton at the helm we would barely win our division. Luck will be great but he is a rookie, rookies qbs do not go to the playoffs. Anyhow, it would not benefit us to do it anyway i do not want to be mediocre i want sb rings. IM as big a fan as anyone here so those of you that will say differently with my following statement will not bother me. I hope Luck struggles a bit and gets better nas the season goes along just like PM 26 tds 28 ints and we get the #1 pick again. Then we trade it for 3 f
  13. i am with you there were several availabe we got two more wrs like avery
  14. dont any of you want a wr like robert woods? Yes we will have a top 10 pick next year anyone who does not think so is living in fantasy land. T he following year ;Lucks 3rd season we will be back in the playoffs though withn our draftees learning and the money we have in fa to spend.
  15. i actually live in Phoenix i know all about Burfict my bosses sister knows his g/f they go to school together. He is killing himself for messing up like this and all he wants is a second chance. He has talent and i believe this woke him up besiders that we had 3 7th round picks even if he was a bust what would we have lost?
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