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  1. If him dancing like that, with a ponytail, doesnt make you cringe nothing will.
  2. This is the only video we have of Brady with fists clenched, in fighting stance. You tell me who wins...
  3. 11 wins=11 wins I changed my signature for you btw
  4. Oh very clever. Since when did "a bunch" mean "all"? Are you trying to say the 2012 Colts didn't have a bunch of rookies in key positions?
  5. Do you watch Texans games? He gave Brady a low five after a TD pass while down 41-7. & the Colts are the definition of tough, grit, and perseverance bub. That's how you win 11 games with a bunch of rookies while your HC is in the hospital.
  6. (Mute computer before listening watching these) All Luck... http://youtu.be/PZNiqvaAMOs#t=2m02s All Luck... http://youtu.be/wLNo_xRJ66c#t=1m45s All Luck... http://youtu.be/dcsYquuLFfo#t=2m50s Or MAYBE All Clutch...
  7. I for one hope we sign DHB. It would be nice to have a WR over 6' for the first time in a while. Hopefully he'll leave the Raiders and have a turnaround the likes of Charles Woodson.
  8. I like my words in bold, clowns, and PM as much as the next guy but this thread is an offseason late.
  9. Bleacher Report has no idea. B/R is the least trust worthy sports site out there. (I wrote for them at one point) That being said, I can't see us bringing in Heyward-Bey either
  10. Who knows? I've been working on telling everyone for about 5 days. Could be Victoria Justice, Victoria Beckham, Michael Vick, Victoria's Secret, Victoria Pendleton....or maybe look at Victor Cruz's twitter for 3 seconds and figure it out.
  11. I don't know about you all but I'd love to see some more 5-10 yards underneath Wes welker type passes/receptions, instead of attempting to throw it downfield all the time like last year. I think having Vic in the slot would help us out with that. Very reliable hands, crisp routes, and he can break one off at any time. If we get him everyone should be happy, happy, happy.
  12. I'd agree that I'd rather trade down. 2nd round pick is a way better bargain than a 1st round pick since you can sign them to a longer deal. I still think Cruz is worth the money having witnessed him take my money in my fantasy league last year. Dude is a stud.
  13. I wouldn't be too upset with that. I would however be upset about Irsay once again trolling is. I bet he goes to the Lions though.
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