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  1. He caught what 10 last game and was very successfull in doing so. Why have we not been doing this before as much? Are we going to see plays designed for Luck to run the ball as the first option as well? How else do we get our run game going?
  2. People have to understand Nick's has a more unique style than other WRs. Some use speed to get behind players and get open, others precise route running and skills to get open, others awesome hands, etc. Nick's is tall and his strength is pulling down most anything thrown near him. Since he does not get the big seperation, I don't think Luck is risking throwing to him. It requires faith that he will pull it in. I don't think we are using him correctly. He has not changed, just think the coaching should play to his strengths.
  3. Seeing how poorly Dalton has played and how much success Patriots had running against us, I see them running on us early and often. Of course, I bet we have designed our defensive plays around that, such as fewer blitzes.
  4. I hope he is back next year, just not with the Colts.
  5. I never knew a tricep injury could keep someone from getting open/seperation. If he comes back next year, maybe we can get him a power scooter that is at no cost to him.
  6. We will draft our long term RB, to important for this style of offense, but I do see Boom challenging him for it.
  7. Ouch, spending a first round pick on second round talent. Glad that didn't happen to us.
  8. I have had a serious concern that Clowney would be sacking Luck at will for years to come, but Cherilus thinks Clowney microfracture surgery may affect his play more than people think. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/11/cherilus-says-clowney-is-screwed/ “His game is all about explosion. That’s a problem."
  9. I can not believe Irsay did such a stupid thing. Oh, I mean Rogers. My bad. At least Rogers should be understanding. Oh, I mean Irsay.
  10. These are NOT tough games. Cincy ya, maybe Steelers.
  11. If Doyle can take a hand off and run the ball, he will get more playing time in Pep's, I mean Colt's, offense. Our WRs are better served blocking while Luck makes use of his talented hand off skills. Doyle for 3!
  12. Good read: Colts Coaches Cost the Team a Win http://sports.yahoo.com/news/colts-coaches-cost-team-win-043432603.html
  13. The game was about Pep proving his run first style and not about winning. Luck hands off the ball better than any QB I know.
  14. Look at what destroyed the Eagles during the first half of their last game, pressuring the QB. This is a weakness of Foley. I am calling out Manusky to blitz early and often. Creative blitz packages because the lack of Mathis.
  15. They did fine, especially for such a high ranking defense. Shipley did all right for being thrown in there.
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