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  1. The problem with Rivers is he does not run the quarterback sneak. So I can definitely see JB bring put in for short yardage situations for that reason alone.
  2. I think we need to wait to make that judgment. Hines did quite well for his rookie year. If you look at his stats compared to Duke's rookie year they are very similar.
  3. He chose not to accept an unfair one year deal. It was his right do do so acording to the CBA,
  4. I agree. Pass rich and defence heavy draft I assume.
  5. That says more about the offensive linemen then it does about Bell. If I messed with people's personal belongings at work I would be subject to discipline. But your poi t is valid even if I don't agree. There were problems in that pit locked room so staying clear might be smart.
  6. This wasn't really my stance going in to free agency. But I think looking at earl Thomas would be huge to mentor the young players. Not to mention he's a stud. He's gonna have a chip on his shoulder to from last year. A lot of Seahawks fans where I live would love brag about earl kicking butt wearing the shoe.
  7. All of that is fair and I agree 100%. I just disagree all of the Bell slaming that keeps going on and the speculation how he's such locker room poison. Not what I'm was saying at a but thanks. I wouldn't know the first thing about NFL locker room. Nor does anyone else on here including yourself.
  8. He didn't tho.. You can pro rate it all you want. Maybe Mack doesn't get the touches cause he can't handle that workload. We can go back and forth with all kinds of ifs and buts. But like I said its really a non issue. I like Mack he's a solid back and does a great job behind a stellar line. It's Ki da sad how everyone will turn on him when he's due to get paid. What got lost in my original post was that we didn't Adress any need. celabrating we didn't "waste $" on Bell is fine if it's your $ and we are in done kind of $trouble but we're not. Forget the
  9. In 2016 bell ran for over 1200 yards and over 600 yards... In 12 games. It's really a moot point now obviously. But let's slow down with the idea we dodged a huge financial bullet.
  10. Mack - on a rookie contract and hasn't hit 1000 yards. Bell - 5 years of proving to be the best RB in the league and can Gert 200 scrimmage yards. Get outta here with that. I do agree it's not nessesarily smart to spend out money on RB. Good thing we decided to spend it on pass rush and secondary...
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