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  1. You have made some good points, Valpo, as you usually do, but to say you doubt an accuser's story if she does not pursue charges diminishes your other very valid points. There are many reasons why women do not come forward or do not press charges, especially if it involves a defendant who can pay for the best attorneys to represent and defend him. Having said that, I strongly support your main point that false accusations ruin players' reputations and that fans are too quick to demonize players. Many bring up the Duke Lacross players, but rarely do people mention those athletes who were wrong
  2. How is this relevant? The language in your posts says more about you and your character than your button-down shirts and khakis do. At least Kapernick sounds respectful.
  3. I hear you. That job would bring a lot of headaches. Sorry. I appreciated your thoughts and the article that you shared.
  4. I could not agree with you more. You wrote all that I wanted to write and more. Chad had some very good ideas while he also recognized some of the challenges of paying players. Perhaps Chad could replace Mark Emmert (the president of the NCAA).
  5. The fact is that he kept the team in Buffalo. We can speculate on what he "wanted" to do, but he kept the team in that city. Many owners don't live where their team plays. The owner of the Vikings still lives in New Jersey, if I am not mistaken. Let the man rest in peace.
  6. You seem personally offended by this move by the Eagles. I am interested to read about what Ward said. I will look for it. Jackson will be picked up by a team because of his tremendous talent, but I hope this is a wake-up call for him. He is not invincible and his talent is not going to bail him out of trouble forever. Unlike Aaron Hernandez, he has a chance to change the trajectory of his life and remove himself from this alleged gang-related stuff. I hope he will.
  7. That map is illuminating. If higher education is what is most important to these colleges as they claim, why is a sports figure (coach) the highest paid public employee in over 70% of the states. Glad to see that my home state is not among them.
  8. I completely agree with your second sentence. College is for higher education and to earn a degree. However, we all know that this is not why these athletes are recruited. I recall this Florida State football player who was a Rhodes Scholar candidate (Myron Rolle). He was brilliant. His position coach was furious that he was spending so much time on his studies and the coach tried to get him to be more focused on football. If education is what is emphasized, then Rolle would have been lauded as an exemplary student-athlete. Instead, he was seen as not being committed to football enough. (He
  9. Yes, their scholarship ends. In fact, even if the player still has athletic eligibility, he can lose his scholarship. Many believe that athletic scholarships are guaranteed for four years but that is inaccurate. They are one-year scholarships that have to be renewed each year and it is at the coach's discretion. So, if a player suffers a career-ending injury or he is not as productive on the field/court as was expected, he may not have a scholarship for the following year. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-truth-about-sports-scholarships/
  10. People who work in schools often have summers off. Sorry. As someone who is still paying off graduate school loans, I would not have wanted an athletic scholarship, as I would not have had the time to focus on my academics. I do not envy these students at all. I support them 100%.
  11. It certainly is not a "free ride", especially in the case of football players. They pay for their "education" with their bodies and the time they commit to the sport. Football players are involved in football-related activity 40 to 50 hours a week!! When do they have time to rest and concentrate on academics (their "education") when they work full-time, practicing, watching film, etc? Yes, some people do it but at what cost? Can a player say he will not play in the BCS championship game because he has to study for an exam? The answer is No. When I was in undergraduate school, I rarely had ti
  12. They will miss him if the team is moved out of Buffalo. Those fans should be grateful for keeping the team in the city when he could have moved it to a larger market. RIP Mr. Wilson.
  13. I too hope Schaub succeeds in Oakland. I am also rooting for Mark Sanchez to do well wherever he goes. The Jets knew that they were not going to keep him. They should have cut him earlier when he would have had more teams to choose from.
  14. I sent you a message. Also, where can I find the report feature that you mentioned? Thank you.
  15. Same here. Giants let Tuck walk but sign John Jerry from the dysfunctional Dolphins. Not pleased with either move.
  16. Shecolt, I don't know that I am being kind. It is just the humane response. Irsay is experiencing a difficult time now. What good does it do anyone to badmouth him? It is appalling to hear that anyone could have said anything nasty about Dungy's son after his death. Dungy is such a class act and he had just lost his son. What kind of people say such things! The Tampa Bay fans were very supportive. One problem is that fans seem to live vicariously through their teams. If their team doesn't win every game, it is like the sky is falling and that they (the fans) have failed. Fans cannot seem to e
  17. Why would any fan not be supportive of someone in this situation. I'm a Vikings fan wishing all the best to Mr. Irsay. He is the type of owner that I would want for my team, regardless of his personal failings.
  18. This is good news. Kicking addiction is tough but this is the first step to recovery. All the best, Mr. Irsay!
  19. quote name="Superman" post="770637" timestamp="1395087992"] There's a reason they made an industry out of those weekday pill sorters. My dad stopped using them when the laws starting changing. He didn't have any serious pain meds, but he stopped anyways.
  20. You're selling this team short. I cannot think of a better team to sign with given the locker room, the potential for future success, and yes, the owner who will do what is necessary to build a winner. I wish I could say the same for my team. I hope Mr. Irsay gets treatment for whatever is ailing him.
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