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  1. Hello friends,


    It has been a while since I have reached out to some of you -- you know who you are. I hope all of you are well.

    This has been a pretty anxious time. I am thankful that there are forums like this one and the Daily Norseman (Vikings) to provide some distraction from everything surrounding the coronavirus and COVID-19. I'm wondering how coronavirus is affecting folks where you all live. Are businesses shut down where you all are? Are there any curfews or other restrictions? Are you working from home? What is everyone doing to pass the time?


    Hope all of you stay safe and have a good week. :hat:

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Still living the same except practicing social distancing and washing my hands more. I shower daily too homer simpson singing GIF . In Indiana a lot of places are closed and traffic has died way down from the norm. Grocery stores and gas stations are still open. Fast food places are open too. Where I work at is a food plant so we are consider essential, we aren't closing. Business is slow so I just sit in my office and chime in here a lot lmao . Anything that has to do with food or medicine will stay open. Hospitals are of course open too. I have no problems going to work and back regarding the police. I haven't seen many out actually. How is it in NY as of today?

    3. NFLfan


      It is similar in NY but there is a some fear and anxiety. We have so many cases of COVID-19. @Nadine had posted something on the Coronavirus thread in Misc Section. It says NYS is expected to lose over 14,000 people (deaths) by Aug 4th. Indiana was much lower but still large. 


      I'm ok, working from home. I leave my home just to shop for food and other needed items. I'm thankful that I am still working. So many people are not so fortunate. They are all in my thoughts and prayers. So are those in hospitals, supermarkets, and pharmacies who still have to leave home to work. I hope this ends soon.

    4. Nadine


      I have some life long friends who have moved to the area and I haven't been able to see them yet.  Been trying to find a housewarming gift online but most things I thought of were closed because of covid-19.  I talked to them yesterday and found out that they are struggling to find cleaning supplies and paper products.  Then I had a genius moment.  The perfect gift is toilet paper and disinfectant! Scored some this am and am dropping them by their house today!

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