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    Love my family, friends, and my job
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  1. Happy 2019 NFL :fb: Season to All! :cheer2::excited: 


    The Colts have a young, talented team under great leadership. You should all be optimistic and excited for this year and the upcoming years. It will be a lot of fun. Go Colts! 


    All the best! :coltshorse: :cheers:

    Rock & Skol Vikes!

    1. teganslaw


      The Vikings had a very impressive game! Defense looked good and the offense took over. Dalvin Cook was on my fantasy team, and he helped me do quite well. 

    2. JPPT1974


      Colts very close to pulling off a win but no cigar. Could meet later in the playoffs. So far so good on Jacoby B!

    3. southwest1


      @NFLfan, Wow! You're Vikings were lethal against the Falcons in Week 1. Talk about taking the dirty birds to the woodshed & clipping their wings. Amazing!


      Gary Kubiack was a tremendous new hire by Mike Zimmer too. Overjoyed for your club my friend. :rock:


      Thanks for the kind words regarding the Colts as well. You Rock!!!

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