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  1. Looking forward for baseball to start. :excited:


    https://youtu.be/YqY7e4bP9PQ (this one won't embed)



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    2. coltsfansince65


      Every win is a must win. The Mets should be a much improved team this season.

    3. NFLfan


      I hope. I have been following the Mets SB Nation site called AmazinAvenue. The folks there are excited about the upcoming season... The Vikings have taught me not to get too excited. haha

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Although the Cubs didn't make any big splashes this offseason, they are still very talented. Bryant is 100% healthy and I have been hearing Yu will be ready when the season starts. Lester and Hamels both are older but still are considered #1's on some teams and #2's on most teams. The Cubs will attempt to make their 5th straight playoff appearance in 2019. They have made the playoffs = 2015-2018, winning the WS in 2016, great run. I am excited for Baseball to begin.

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