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  1. Great stuff as usual, @stitches. Ballard is building a team as I like it, through the draft and without overly spending in free agency. I've never been a fan of spending on free agents outside the organization. Anyhow, other teams' fans want their favorite teams to emulate what the Colts have done. The Jets SB Nation site has a good piece on how Ballard has built the Colts. One area the writer mentions is the value that Ballard has placed on second round picks. I thought it was a good read. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2019/5/21/18631702/the-colts-provide-the-jets-with-a-great-model-to-turn-things-around
  2. I would. I paid to see Gooden pitch against the Mets on my birthday. Lol. How do you like that for a birthday outing? We lost to Gooden and the Yankees.
  3. You and Hozer both said that. I think you or Hozer told me that the Mets were in big trouble when they hired Davis. Mets fans are fed up. I read that he had been fired at 2-3 jobs already.
  4. Mets fans are Being swept by the lowly Marlins and getting shut out this weekend. That's embarrassing. Mets fans are ready to ship Chili Davis out.
  5. Congratulations! Time flies. It seems that you had just told us 2 years ago that you were a senior in high school. I can't believe 4 years have already passed. All the best in your professional (and personal) life.
  6. Mets win 4-1 over the lowly Marlins. They will try for the sweep tomorrow.
  7. Mets beat the Marlins 11-2. Let's win the next two games with starting pitchers deGrom and Syndergaard so that this win really means something.
  8. 2-0 now. Cano with his 2500th hit. It was a ground rule double and a fan got a valuable souvenir.
  9. Stop taunting me, PT. I know the Brewers swept the Mets. Don't rub it in.
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