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  1. Fantasy Football Draft Day


    Are you all ready??? :excited:


    I tried a couple of mock drafts in preparation for the draft coming up in fewer than 7 hours. The one I like better:


    QBs: Brees, Winston (tons of offensive weapons)

    RB: L McCoy, C. McCaffrey, E. Lacy, A. Kamara

    WR: Michael Thomas (Saints), Diggs, Moncrief, Marvin Jones, Cooper Kupp 

    TE: Jordan Reed, Delanie Walker

    D/ST: Broncos, Giants

    K: Dan Bailey


    If my actual team could look like that, I would be mostly pleased. The only thing I don't like is that I have 3 players on one team (Saints). I could have selected a different RB like Vereen or Latavius Murray. Also, I want to draft Luck.


    Good Luck to all. :cheer2:

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    2. NFLfan




      How about Hooper? 


      You have McCoy, no? He did pretty well for me. He did not have a TD but he got yards. 


      My other team is not good at all. I have no elite receivers. I picked up Golladay and Hooper. Is Jaquiz (sp?) Rodgers available in your league? Who is available that you can pick up?

    3. coltsfansince65


      Hooper is owned in my league. J. Rogers it's not an upgrade from the rbs that I have. I have L. Miller going tonight.

    4. NFLfan


      Good luck!


      I forgot all about the game tonight. I will miss a lot of it. 

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