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  1. Congratulations, Colts fans. What a game by your team!  That is why you should always stick by your team.


    Thankfully for me this was not showing in NY.  What an embarrassing performance by my team in our stadium! 


    I will be rooting for you guys to make the playoffs. Texans are panicking, benching Osweiler early in today's game. You guys have a good chance to make the postseason.  Enjoy this win! 

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    2. NFLfan



      Your relative must be surprised. I wonder what he is thinking. I think I told you and someone else here that I thought you guys could beat us. QBs like Luck, Stafford, and Brady (good QBs) give us trouble.


      I also wrote in a thread that I did not think AP would do much. He is one of the most overrated players today (not his career -- just since last year). I was not excited about getting him back.


      Anyway, hopefully the forum will be more positive this week. :)

    3. Synthetic



      Too bad they didn't show up in games that mattered....No different than the Saints right now. Lose the important games, win the meaningless ones. Both of our teams are screwing us out of better draft positions. 


    4. southwest1


      I really respect that about you NFLfan. You are loyal to your franchise, hanging with them despite a challenging yr, [Denny Green & Prince passing, Bridgewater down, AP only recently reactivated, Zimmer's eye situation, Norv Turner leaving the team unexpectedly, FG kicker Blair Walsh being let go permanently in November. This too shall pass my friend.] & just your overall positive outlook on things in general. 


      You're a valuable asset around here & I appreciate your fondness for top tier musicians & bands close to your heart too. 


      I took no pleasure in Minnesota's loss because I respect that football program under Zim's leadership. Was I relieved INDY won that game? Sure, but I don't gloat because I know how talented that roster really is & that the Colts just got lucky or the football gods smiled on us that Sunday that's all. 


      Have a Happy New Year & an even better 2017 socially, financially, & franchise based moving forward. 

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