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  1. All the best to my beloved 16-year-old nephew Christopher as he travels today to study one semester in France with his senior high school class. 


    Blessed and safe travels, Chris. As Tim McGraw says, remember to remain humble and kind as you prepare for the rest of your life.

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    2. southwest1


      Thanks for the additional details @NFLfan I hope Chris has a life changing experience in France & returns home safe, sound, & culturally wiser. 


      Wow, I had no idea Seniors could spend so long away in a foreign land. Very cool indeed! 


      Spending 6 months in Japan would be both the cats pajamas & the bees knees baby. :hat:

    3. NFLfan


      Chris ended his first weekend in Grenoble, France. He's adjusting. He has been on several  excursions in the region with his classmates and host family. This weekend he is at the host family country home (must be nice). He said it's a tiny and beautiful village in Bordeaux.


      Below are pictures of Grenoble and the Chartreuse Mountains.



    4. coltsfansince65


      Beautiful pictures. Chris is very lucky indeed. I hope he continues to have a spectacular semester.    :thmup:

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