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    Love my family, friends, and my job
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  1. Not a great day to be celebrating a birthday... Thoughts and prayers for all those who have lost loved ones in these senseless killings the past few days in Dallas, MN, and other places.

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    2. teganslaw


      Happy belated birthday! I hope you found time for a some celebration, no matter what else has happened.

    3. NFLfan


      Thank you. Yes, I did celebrate with my family and friends yesterday. I am also going out with other friends today. Weather permitting, we will be attending the Nationals at Mets game (baseball) this evening. I will relax tomorrow. :)



    4. shecolt


      Happy Belated Birthday!  I join you with my thoughts and prayers for those who have lost loved ones, but never forget that there is a lot that is good and right about this world . . . such as you, NFLfan.  

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