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  1. Good point. The writer obviously played into the homerism viewpoint. The writer's point could be better validated if he/she compared all other 31 teams to see how many players on each team's current roster come from draft's four years ago and before. I wonder how the Colts would stack up.
  2. What are you talking about? I've posted like four times since April. So, you think I said something controversial? And if I did, not because it was my opinion but just to get reactions? Please explain how you came to these conclusions. Frankly, I thought the thread was dead until NCF quoted me like three weeks later....
  3. The two prevailing points in my thinking is in the context of using current performance to judge Ballard against a GM who racked up 20 years of top-notch team management. The short answer is obvious, of course Ballard can have the same career success as Polian...anybody can....but we won't know for probably at least 12 years. There were two facts brought out in the thread, not necessarily your comment, that I wanted to lift up regarding measuring Ballard's performance so far. The first was that Polian had to use his very valuable pick on Manning, and didn't have the ability to trade it for more high round picks. And the general idea that a draft is a success based upon how many picks stick on the roster certainly depends upon the quality of the roster at the time, as well as how good the draft picks are.
  4. Because his potential seems more exciting to me, with a certain level of unknown. In fact, its amazing.
  5. Because I think Nelson has affirmatively shown what he can do. He has met or exceeded expectations already. I don't know how much higher he can go, especially playing a relatively non impact position.
  6. As far as being the "most excited about", I'd interpret that as seeing a player reach an expected or higher than expected potential. Start or continue an upward trajectory. My list is: Darius Leonard Parris Campbell Braden Smith Rock Ya Sin Khari Willis.
  7. I'm sure we all think its a bad thing. I'm also sure that I'm not qualified to dish out or opine about what the consequences should be.
  8. I didn't say I excused the behavior, but intent would matter if we're talking about keeping him or cutting him, or the NFL suspending him for a season, 8 games, one, or kicking him out of the league. And a tape of comments he made to the woman may not even reveal intent. He may have been saying something to scare her or make her angry because he happened to be p.o.ed at the moment. Its more complex than what I'd think and NFL GM or NFL Commissioner are qualified to determine. Yet they seem comfortable with setting their own terms of punishment over things like this.
  9. Sure it matters. Intent always matters in any action. Its the major difference between Murder 1 and Manslaughter, for example.
  10. Actually, I think skill positions are a need; RB, WR, and TE, but I don't think we need first round value there. I have high hopes for Parris Campbell at this point. I still think we'll need first round DT talent more than any skilled position. Or possibly a LT.
  11. Did Hill INTEND to break the child's arm? Like, he kept applying force until he heard a snap. Or is it a matter where he unintentionally use more force than he intended. Not that using force against a 3 year old can't be considered criminal, but intent here does matter a bit, IMO. And was this the first time the child was abused or is there a history. And if he's P'O'd at the GF at the time, he might then say what he said. I'm just saying that there is a difference between someone who has a reactionary temper problem and someone who has malicious intent. I don't know which one Hill fits into.
  12. Ok. Forgot Leonard had an ankle.
  13. Leonard probably moves to MIKE?
  14. I'm not suggesting that any accuser has some sort of agenda. Its simply a matter of legal process that people who are assumed to have an inferior position get their claims put higher on the credibility scale. Its the seriousness of the charge, in that it has more to do with punishing the position of influence someone has as much as the harm actually dispensed. The Harvey Weinstein situation is great example of a terrible abuse of power and oppression even though some of the escapades may have had a consensual aspect to them. Whether or not Bobby really holds much power over a woman simply by being a star football player is debatable, IMO, and I would think they would both be thought of as equals unless its determined Bobby used physical superiority to overwhelm her. Stereotyping him as having influence over women simply because of who he is, a successful college football player at Stanford with future income potential, isn't appropriate IMO. That stereotype actually is harmful to women, in that it says he is the dominant person in any relationship because women inherently are impressionable girls forever searching for their prince charming, for which I don't agree. Again, substantial use of physical superiority is a different issue.
  15. Ok I'll step in again. Sexual assault is also a crime, and I don't think a rape kit does much good proving that accusation. On a broad level, the philosophy/ideology behind civil rights cases influences situations of sexual misconduct. One party is assumed to be the oppressor, and the other party the oppressed. Its about who is assumed to have power in a situation, and who is assumed to have little power, and from that skewed look comes the degree to which the allegations are considered credible. It's possible oppression can happen when a female teacher rapes or assaults a minor male student even though there is a sense of consensual-ness to the relationship. But usually, the man is considered to have the power, simply because he's a man, especially if it is a man with a certain status. And because he is a man with a certain status, implied to be in a position to oppress, allegations against him are legally considered to have higher credibility than what may be logical in other situations. Even if a beautiful, experienced seductress takes advantage of a nerdy 40 year old virgin who happens to be a CEO, the CEO will still be considered to hold the power and would have to prove otherwise. The question is how much of a PR problem is this to an employer. Most people in the country are fair, and don't apply that skewed angle of logic in favor of one side at the beginning, like the court system does. Personally, I think the PR problems the Colts would have are dramatically overblown, and simply are hyped by a small but vocal presence in certain groups, and the media, who consistently have social change on the mind outweighing individual fairness. If I were Ballard or Irsay, I would ignore any calls for any action since they are probably really originating from very few sources but trying to appear more universal. I don't think season tickets nor fan interest would be impacted. In fact, since most people are fair, I would think many of the fans would sour on the Colts a bit if it looked like they were using Bobby to make a social statement and hide behind the excuse its about PR.
  16. What the xx is "all 22". And most importantly....is it free?
  17. Its difficult to judge how effective of a season he had when he doesn't show up on the screen or in the stat sheet very much. Poor coverage underneath and poor QBs play a factor in it. I assume any DC would want a FS to do more than just take away the deep pass, or else the other 10 players will be very busy. Hopefully we'll get better players to cover the short game, and along with playing teams with better QBs, there will be more information with which to judge, for those who want to do that.
  18. You folks still talking about this? Let me know if Bobby gets arrested.
  19. Yeah. I've pushed it far enough...... Please don't be confused that we are having a discussion about actual rape, because no event in this thread has been determined to be actual rape. Its more about some allegations that are pushing it as well.
  20. If it were me, I might go out on a limb and try to even things out by claiming the woman simply reminded me of her brother. I might score some political points with the prosecutors.
  21. Some of this discussion is reflecting some crazy legal complaints, and comments reflect it. You've shown a couple of situations where its a bit late to claim it wasn't consensual...after experiencing morning remorse maybe? I mean, trying to piece together the negotiated terms of what by all accounts was a 95% consensual one night stand is not something the court system should have to sort out. I don't think its fair to say comments reflect hatred of women. It might be fair to say they reflect hatred of civil liberties attorney's who find a way to file another kind of man-hating lawsuit. LOL
  22. Good post. And to the crux of the issue (sorry if I'm offensive): If you're talking with the guy and you look down and see what appears to be a sex toy emerging from his person, please realize that he is losing his capacity for consistent rational thought....at least to the degree he had it when you first met. If you stay and play for a bit longer, you're increasing your risk he won't be rational at all. I assume women who aren't interested in power grabs and want to play fairly already know this.
  23. IDK, that sounds like it could be a way too hot possibility to rationally back away from......
  24. Its not dangerous if you know what drives this. Ultimately, its a function of the ideology that the woman should have control of every second of every social encounter with a man, to the extreme. He can even be treated like a sex toy until she says enough. Before you even ask for consent, try to find out what her ideology is about other topics, and determine if she s the type who cherishes power or cherishes mutual fairness, or even pleasing others (sex would be a strange way to accomplish that), but be prepared to walk away fast and let the next sucker approach her.
  25. For comparison, here are the players Bill Tobin brought to the Colts in 4 years from 1994 to 1997 via draft or FA. Marshall Faulk, Marvin Harrison, Tarik Glenn, Ken Dilger, Marcus Pollard, Jim Harbaugh, Wil Wolford, Kirk Lowdermilk, Tony Bennett, Adam Meadows, Ellis Johnson, Zack Crockett, Floyd Turner, Kelly Holcomb, Lamont Warren. Also defensive coordinator Vince Tobin and OC Lindy Infante. But he whiffed on Trev Alberts at #5, but gave us the infamous who the is Mel Kiper line because of it. And he traded a 2nd round pick for QB Craig Erickson.
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