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  1. Washed up but on the cheap why not, I'd rather develop Rodgers
  2. Meyer doesn't really have a great history with team chemistry in college so I think there are warnings signs, nevertheless I'm excited to have something of a decent project in JAX
  3. Great video, I was looking forward to us drafting a late day 3 linebacker but udfa will do just fine Competition for the 3rd position on the 2nd level is wide open lets go
  4. Damn this dude can play, see a bit of Marlon Mack in him w more juice, excited
  5. What's the situation of Skai Moore from udfas couple of years ago? Anyone thinks he can make the 53?
  6. Guess he was signed for ST. Doubt he'd compete for one of the lb jobs
  7. I'm not sure I agree on the qb takes just based on how Ballard likes to form a roster. He'd rather draft a young guy with the traits he wants, competitor, winner, team player, someone who can grow into our organisation and groom them into our way of doing things rather signing someone at age 30+ and coming in just collecting a check. So I'm not sold Eason was picked to take over at any point, rather a guy who can be a solid backup, knowing the offense from the beginning and at some point might have a shot at being more than that.We all know how important a good backup is at qb, so whether
  8. After watching the last episode of "With the next pick" I think Hines will be resigned, because he isn't a running back, he is a weapon, and a unique one. I think he'll have a nice long career as a Colt. Don't know what the future holds for Mack, but I defo can't wait to see him on the field again
  9. After watching some highlights and listening to our scouts and coaches and Ballard I'm beyond excited for our defensive front. Paye and Dayo were both best available on the board, little risky with Dayo's injury, tho I think Ballard wouldn't have picked him without doing his due diligence and the potential is huge. I don't think OT class was as good as people make it out to be. Was no need to pick an OL just because of the need. I would have loved to see another late pick linebacker coming in but Strachan looks like an interesting pick so there is something to work with there. I ca
  10. With the right coaching, this guy could be something
  11. God this guy is my man crush Based on how bad the team was when he took over and how much he changed the culture and the depth of players we have at almost every position, he has my faith for a long time. Been a fan since 99' and his tenure is my favourite by far. Even with Andrew gone, that still hurts.
  12. He just said on Cowherd as well and I quote "You gotta have an 8 man rotation" I think Dayo has the ability to be inside on 3rd downs as well. Excited, talent wise this should be the most talented Colts front in a long time. Can't wait to see Stewart this year. Any chance of Banogu as linebacker?
  13. darn I’m excited about Kwity and Dayo, our dline is looking great
  14. I think Wentz will surprise a lot of people here in the next 2 years
  15. Teams need 6-8 defensive ends these days, we can keep them all to be fair
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