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  1. Because of last year's success, people tend to forget how bad this team's defense was 2-3 years ago. We need time, deal with it.
  2. Are we all screwed in the AFC for the next decade? Love this guy's breakdowns
  3. The football analysis is simple incredible. His channel is definitely worth a follow.
  4. Simply an outstanding tribute to Luck and the football analysis is also next level. Enjoy.
  5. 5 plus years? How do you figure that? Let's see how Jacoby does first. We have everything we need around a qb. I think we are in a good spot.
  6. Yes, as a life long Colts fan, I'm proud to say he played for us. One of the best football players in the league. Would take him again in a heartbeat.
  7. Honestly puzzles me how unrealistically people treat athletes. Most people here phone sick at work after sneezing twice in 5 minutes and they call Andrew weak cause the guy doesn't want to live in pain for the rest of his life. How * stupid.
  8. I'm happy for him, as fans we don't understand how this game cripples these players emotionally and physically. Need to know when to move on. Exciting times ahead. Anyone who booed this man last night, can go # themselves.
  9. Surprised to see him play well already as a CB, we desperately need someone to step up in the secondary.
  10. Who cares about preseason really? All I want to see is effort from the guys trying to make the team. Rest is just to get the guys back to gameday mentality. Playcalling and all that means jack% imo.
  11. So excited for that guy jesus, can he possibly live up to the expectations??? Also excited to see what Okereke can do.
  12. I would like to share the optimism of the masses here about our defense. Yes, we did get better last year, yes we do have a stud in Leonard but loads of question marks all over the place. One thing we are getting better at is forcing turnovers. However I do not yet trust the pass rush or the secondary. I think our d is pretty average, although this is all just speculation as we have not seen them this year yet. I hope we'll do better than last year. Offense however I think can still function with JB under center as we are built to run the football and now have weapons at WR as well as TE so I think a 10-6 is very much possible all together with JB.
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