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  1. I really trust Ballard's skills as a talent evaluator and just can't get rid of the idea of a strong armed qb sitting behind a veteran theme ala Mahomes/Rodgers etc. Who knows, we need to see what Rivers does first.
  2. Okereke is cheaper and better and more importantly has a higher ceiling, depending on the price tag we may bring him back but I'm okay to move on
  3. One of my favourite position on the field. In no particular order. Sean Taylor Eric Berry Troy Polamalu Ed Reed Brian Dawkins
  4. I mean even the Texans aren't stupid enough to ship Watson to the afc south I'd give a chance to Darnold, he'd probably be cheap as well. I have not yet seen enough of Eason to say whether he could make it or not.
  5. Exactly and he has been doing it very well, he is an excellent talent evaluator if someone is available and worthy, he will spend the money and resources. I've not yet considered Dak as our option. Hmm
  6. Maybe CB is doing what seemed to be working for Chiefs/Saints/Packers, giving a tutor to someone they believe in. (Eason) We'll only know once we are done with the offseason and see who is on the roster again.
  7. We have one of the youngest rosters in the league and out of those younger rosters we might have the best one so I think we'll be just fine. No need to panic, we had a great season, rejoice.
  8. Taking this job is a career suicide. They are gonna have to hire from college.
  9. Personally, I think what he has done, the turn around of that roster, which I truly believe was one of the worst one of the 2000s, I've not seen someone do that this quickly. And also I can't wait for every draft now, while back in the days drafts was so boring for us
  10. We'll be competitive through 3 quarters, then Rivers will be Rivers.
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