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  1. One would be free, the other cost a 1st.
  2. His first 2 season, 28 games, 1949 yards, 16 touchdowns. Wouldn't call that "not productive". Why that production faded is the question.
  3. Obviously not yet sure what was the reason behind the release, bit odd, but I think we could give KB a chance, probably would be cheap as hell, thoughts? https://buffalonews.com/2018/12/04/bills-release-wide-receivers-kelvin-benjamin-andre-holmes/
  4. Not sure why people are surprised, like we suddenly turned into a powerhouse? Still a bad roster, Luck couldn't overcome it against the best defense in the league. Meh, we will assess this and improve. Move on.
  5. rayski

    Brissett Value to the NFL

    "You are only as good as your back up quarterback is" I say we keep him unless it's a first round pick.
  6. rayski

    Something someone said when we drafted luck.

    Boring? Lol, I think Luck is one of the most entertaining quarterbacks out there, tough, can pass deep, can run the ball and always gets right back up after being nailed over and over again (that was the past) He might have been boring to some in college as Stanford run a more traditional offense, not your usual 60+ points college one, but he is every bit of entertaining
  7. rayski

    5 most important current colts?

    Luck Nelson Kelly Leonard Sheard
  8. One of the best independent analysts out there, highly recommend his youtube channel, here is his take on the Colts offensive line and Luck's recent success
  9. rayski

    Trade deadline staying put.

    We might never trade him, Eagles valued back up quarterback position and it took them to the super bowl. We might just be happy to have one of the backups in the game and keep it that way. It aint Madden
  10. rayski

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    Very happy the Texans made this trade, will set them back a wee bit more. Doesn't make any sense. BOB should be on his way out soon anyway.
  11. People need to hold their horses, we "produced" against the Raiders and the Bills lmao Team is looking like a unit and offensive line looks strong, lets see what we can do against average teams/defenses.
  12. We are in the middle of building a team, no need for someone like OBJ.
  13. rayski

    Glad we didn’t go for Norwell

    Nelson has been fantastic, considering the state of the offensive line and the competition he has been going up against.
  14. rayski

    Mack appreciation thread

    Please keep this boy healthy. Absolute joy to watch him run, so much fun. I think we got our guy.
  15. rayski

    Colts RBs 30 rushes 219 yds

    I have been saying for a while, we got great talent and potential at running back. Between the tackle bruiser with Wilkins, pass catcher in Hines and an absolute number one in Mack. Why would anyone want Bell is beyond me at this point.