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  1. I seriously can't believe people are seriously having this conversation.
  2. I rather watch Curtis freaking Painter again than Rivers, dear lord.
  3. Thomas got top 5 hands in the game. Deserves the record.
  4. rayski


    I don't see the big problem here, they got paid for a year, didn't improve, we'll move on. They didn't exactly break the bank for these guys did they. It's always cheaper and more sensible to sign an uptrending guy of your own then break the bank for a free agent.
  5. rayski


    Apart from Bouye and maybe Jason Mccourty, any other free agent corners who were worth the price tag lately?
  6. Agree to a point, but we gotta stay realistic. If you want to build a dynasty, you need foundation which this teams lacked for so long. Ballard is building just that, but it's unrealistic to expect us to turnaround in a year or two without a HoF qb in the building. I think Ballard earned himself the respect and time to do it his way.
  7. Probably, but we'll keep him, there is a difference between "the guy" and a serviceable quarterback. We need him as of now.
  8. Yes because they are under the same regime for 6+ years which we just started last year. Turning around a franchise takes time.
  9. It still amazes me how much people don't understand how bad this roster was when Ballard took over and still is a mediocre roster as it is. Ballard is building a TEAM and a TEAM can overachieve together. What Ballard done here so far is beyond expectations. Next year will be big in how to judge his overall team building.
  10. He can zip it for sure as long as the play design is there. If Reich can prepare the offense and call a game like he did, we are golden. My only concern with Jacoby is that I'm not sure he can make plays out of nothing, when the play breaks down. That being said, he is on fire so far and we really have a TEAM which I love.
  11. Because of last year's success, people tend to forget how bad this team's defense was 2-3 years ago. We need time, deal with it.
  12. Are we all screwed in the AFC for the next decade? Love this guy's breakdowns
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