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  1. Surprised to see him play well already as a CB, we desperately need someone to step up in the secondary.
  2. Who cares about preseason really? All I want to see is effort from the guys trying to make the team. Rest is just to get the guys back to gameday mentality. Playcalling and all that means jack% imo.
  3. So excited for that guy jesus, can he possibly live up to the expectations??? Also excited to see what Okereke can do.
  4. I would like to share the optimism of the masses here about our defense. Yes, we did get better last year, yes we do have a stud in Leonard but loads of question marks all over the place. One thing we are getting better at is forcing turnovers. However I do not yet trust the pass rush or the secondary. I think our d is pretty average, although this is all just speculation as we have not seen them this year yet. I hope we'll do better than last year. Offense however I think can still function with JB under center as we are built to run the football and now have weapons at WR as well as TE so I think a 10-6 is very much possible all together with JB.
  5. I'm not yet bothered about it. Luck is smart and the organisation hopefully learned about how to handle an injury with him. Preseason is not where he will get his groove going into the regular season. Let's get Brissett out there and see what he can do before we make a decision about his future. I want to see Andrew Week 1 and not during the pre season. If you watch Hardknocks you see the Raiders staff continuously telling AB to sit his butt down and rest, no matter how much he wants to be out there. Seeing people asking us to move on from Luck because of this is hilarious though
  6. I still don't think the KC defense was that bad, statistically yes, but they did play behind the best and most explosive offense last year. They do have difference makers and we stalled. We'll be better this year.
  7. Same as Turay last year, the guy has a very impressive pass rush %, great upside, love the pick.
  8. I understand why some feel disappointed, but this is what Ballard excels at. Talent evaluation. I don't think I fancied anyone at #26 who we couldn't get #34. Let's judge this move after Day 2.
  9. I'm a fan of Ware, the only thing is that he isn't a long term answer imo. Get him in to compete with the guys but if he can't outplay Wilkins, let him go. But I hope he can compete somewhere to be number 2. Myself, not interested in Ray, unless it's a deal close to a minimum deal.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the response.
  11. I'd take the 2012 Reggie Wayne, TY, Brazil combo over what we have now at WR. I think defense needs more for us to truly compete but we are getting there. Can't wait for draft day.
  12. I think our defense is not there yet. We need one more year to truly aim at the super bowl. We'll see after the draft.
  13. Doesn't excite me that much, wondering about the price tag.
  14. Pretty convinced we'll go OL/DL in the first.
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