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  1. Understandable.Although I'd still pick Lamar over Philip who has barely produced in the playoffs in 20 years. Don't see how suddenly he could be different. Lamar at least has an edge in the game.
  2. 100% absolute beast, you could even make an argument for Bowman to be not in the top of all time but top of 2010s. However, not sure I'd say Willis was better than Kuechly or Wagner. Tough tough choice.
  3. I think we can definitely compete for the playoffs and in the playoffs. However, ultimately I don't expect Rivers to outscore the likes of LJ8 or Mahomes.
  4. Surprised to see that not many mentions Kuechly or Wagner as the best 'linebackers ever' conversation.
  5. This whole Chad Kelly phenomenon on this site is fascinating
  6. If I'd have to bet, I'd say they will be over .5, they gonna have a solid season as a contender.
  7. I'd say Taylor reminds me of a faster, lighter on his feet Zeke but with the same trucking ability. Saquan has a more insane stop and go ability and much better agility/elusiveness Once in a generation like.
  8. I loved the Hooker pick at the time of the draft, exactly what we needed as we struggled to force turnovers for years at that point. However, loads of analysts say the Colts are misusing Hooker, not fitting the system around his talents but the other way around which from the limited snaps I've seen him play could be right. Not a fan of Eberflus myself. Ballard sounds crazy about Blackmon so looking forward to see him and also Hooker as well. Ultimately we'll have better places to spend that money we'd had for Hooker's 5th year option. We got some important free agents coming up.
  9. They just got Ashtyn Davis, he is gonna be solid for them
  10. 100%, worst WR group in the league last year. Only completing 6 passes deep is insane.
  11. To be fair the playcalling wasn't great either, I'm not convinced he can't be better.
  12. We did pay Funchess way more than he was worth for a year so punting on a guy that could make us better, especially in an all in year I'd have no problem with. Would want that number to be closer to 12-14mill tho
  13. I know his sack production is not there, but he has been a dominant run defender and top of the league in pressures. My only thing with him, based on what I've seen on him on field, not sure he has the personality we are looking for.
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