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  1. rayski

    Dee Ford

    OLB with the Chiefs but played DE at college I think
  2. rayski

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    I agree about Hooker, might not be as good as we all think, personally, for me he has not lived up to his college hype. On the safety position note, it is in my opinion one of the most difficult positions to play and there are not many out there who is on the better than good level. Especially not all around safety type.
  3. Sounds great but PFF is useless imo.
  4. rayski

    Inman on the herd

    As long as he has his speed, he'll be golden, after that I don't see him moving to the slot. His got a small built to take the punishment.
  5. rayski

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Oh dear, no to Bell and no to AB as far as I'm concerned. They don't fit what we are trying to do at all. And look at how Tyreek is turning out to be, fine young man who made a mistake, Ballard does his homework, don't forget that. Mcdaniels is a different thing, don't know enough to comment.
  6. rayski


    If we can get hold of someone better, or someone with a better upside through draft. Let's do it. AV is done imo. Thank him for all he's achieved.
  7. rayski

    Dee Ford

    I'm not sure. I know loads of people say we have need at DE but we have put a lot of resources in there already. Besides Ford will be EXPENSIVE. (I know we got the cash but for a one year wonder it will be north of 10 mill?)
  8. rayski

    Reality check

    Nope. Fantastic season. The OP was meant to comment about the disappointing effort, not our achievements overall. I saw and felt we had a massive momentum coming in here and we fought so hard all year. Jacoby having fun with the defense for pictures and all that. Didn't feel the TEAM effort at all. No question we have over achieved and had a fantastic season.
  9. rayski

    Reality check

    I'd argue top 6 for sure but we are in the group under the top tier. We wouldn't consistently beat the likes of Vikings, Ravens/Steelers, Seattle and the Browns would probably give us a headache too. But that's my opinion, we aren't there yet but moving forward faster than any other team. Mark my words. Chargers will never win anything till Rivers is their quarterback.
  10. rayski

    Reality check

    Never been following the Bears much but knowing that Nagy comes from the Andy Reid tree, I'd say some type of west coast, not sure tho who is the OC. I'm aware that Reich runs a primarily shotgun based run scheme especially early game, read the pieces online, but still argue that it wasn't the right way to get started against this defense https://www.stampedeblue.com/2018/8/14/17659958/frank-reichs-offense-the-2018-indianapolis-colts-balance-on-the-ground
  11. rayski

    Reality check

    Beautifully put.
  12. rayski

    Reality check

    I wouldn't say he has been terrible. But the playcalling has been awful for sure. I think we also have a really big need at WR. Chiefs took the Jags gameplan and put pressure on lack with man coverage. Our WR's couldn't get open for dear life. Serious issue imo. We managed to get by with FA pick ups and TY. Can't do that against serious competition imo.
  13. rayski

    Reality check

    Agree the drops was huge but we didn't achieve a first down till what, 3rd qrt? Sequence of plays were not good at all It's misleading of course, but we played Eagles and Cowboys for example when they were just as bad as we were. It's like referencing us as a difficult opponent in Week 1-5 just cause we made the playoffs with a strong run later. I'm just surprised by how our strong TEAM effort has disappeared in this game. Overall the moment felt too big for everyone.
  14. rayski

    Reality check

    This thread is mainly about our coaching going forward. Loved our season but it seems we benefited a lot from a weak schedule. I think yesterday's game had a realistic outcome against a much better roster but what surprised me a lot after fighting against the odds all season was the effort. Horrible and that scares me a bit going forward. After AV missed the FG attempt, it was all too obvious. Autry said himself as well "We left it all in Indy". How can we came out so flat after a massive run like we had? Reich's gameplan was awful, I mean just did not put us in a position to make a play at all, couldn't establish the run and against Houston and Ford it was a horrible call trying to establish the run from shotgun imo. What do you guys think of our coaching moving forward? I think Eberflus has a good scheme but against the elite qbs zone will never work. Historically, vs PM and TB as well, it always has been pressure and man coverage. It's just a shame we ended up exiting with an embarrassing effort but was an exciting season, we got 3 picks in the top50 and cash to burn. Big ups to Leonard making a play when we needed it, what a stud.
  15. We won't shut them down, we might slow them down but we gotta be prepared to score 30+