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  1. Hate him or not, it's painful to watch him throw the ball
  2. Come on, the Browns haven't had a winning season since 2007 and they are contenders? So far they got blown out by the Ravens, barely won against a 1-2-1 Bengals, beat a 1-3 Washington, beat a 1-3 Cowboys and beat us. I get they are an exciting team but hardly a contender yet. Just my 5 cents.
  3. I wouldn't say it's hate, he just isn't very good anymore.
  4. I never liked Rivers but watching him throw the ball this season is painful, velocity is gone.
  5. Lets play someone like the Hawks or the Chiefs and we can see where this defense is. We are looking good so far and confidence should be high, but Browns aren't exactly contenders. Currently the 29th passing offense in the league. Week 9 is what I'm waiting for
  6. Such a shame, his college highlight video is still one of my favourite ever.
  7. No need to overreact, it's Rivers, it was to be expected
  8. Understandable.Although I'd still pick Lamar over Philip who has barely produced in the playoffs in 20 years. Don't see how suddenly he could be different. Lamar at least has an edge in the game.
  9. 100% absolute beast, you could even make an argument for Bowman to be not in the top of all time but top of 2010s. However, not sure I'd say Willis was better than Kuechly or Wagner. Tough tough choice.
  10. I think we can definitely compete for the playoffs and in the playoffs. However, ultimately I don't expect Rivers to outscore the likes of LJ8 or Mahomes.
  11. Surprised to see that not many mentions Kuechly or Wagner as the best 'linebackers ever' conversation.
  12. This whole Chad Kelly phenomenon on this site is fascinating
  13. If I'd have to bet, I'd say they will be over .5, they gonna have a solid season as a contender.
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