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  1. I need to see more to "evaluate" Sendejo myself but I have been pretty happy with both Willis and Blackmon as our safety pair. Also unpopular opinion but been happy w Okereke and Leonard too. We might not have the same expectations but imo in a passing league like this with insane pass catching talents everywhere when it comes to coverage linebackers as long as they are there to make the tackle it's good coverage, breaking up a pass is cherry on top. Like if you look at Okereke on the drive the Ravens tied, he was right there just not made the play. It's his second year, he'll get better. But I understand many are disappointed w him so far
  2. The problem was that by the end of the 3rd quarter we were down so many coverage guys and had newbies in that ultimately Leonard was given assignments that I feel he shouldn't have. I barely recognised our D in the 4th. Keyes, Sendejo, Chesley etc all on the field when the game mattered. Leonard is leaving it all on every play and is getting imo unwarranted criticism because he got paid
  3. Obviously this narrative applies to every team but we won't be able to compete until we somehow stay healthy. I'm watching the game and as soon as we lost Blackmon and I believe 2 other defensive backs we were torn to pieces, straight away a bomb to Brown for a TD. I think the defensive line played as well as anyone I've seen play against Lamar and we have so many bright spots on the roster this year, Pittman is looking great, JT, defensive line, Wentz been playing well and I put more of the results of the season so far on the shoulders of Reich' playcalling than talent/roster.
  4. I'm a big Okereke fan but I'd love to see us sign Smith, he also has pass rushing experience at ND and said many times he is a pass rusher at heart hasnt he
  5. I disagree personally, I think safety has become one of the hardest positions to play on defense and we were desperate for a playmaker like he looked like to be in college. Not arguing he was the right pick personally or safety was the right pick for us, just saying safety is indeed an crucial position
  6. This guy has so much potential, but we have fallen in love again, so it's time to say good bye
  7. He has indeed, but I think we can see and more importantly feel that it's over, now his role is for the locker room, no longer for the on field productivity
  8. I made my peace with it, I'm ready to let him go
  9. While I agree that it is year 5 of the rebuild and usually this would be a time "make a leap" but I also have granted Ballard extra patience as in my opinion he took over a roster that had no foundation whatsoever, especially on the defensive side. Mediocre at very best. Most teams when they are being taken over have at least something to start with. Ballard had to completely rework the entire roster and the first time in a long time we have drafted, home grown stars and not just at the quarterback position. Manning and Luck made us believe we were further than we actually were, some could say the roster between 13-17 apart from the qb were the worst overall rosters in the league. However, I do understand the frustration, especially with Reich where I could 100% agree.
  10. Bit of an overreaction to say he is playing trash imo
  11. Not sure what's going on, playcalling just been ridiculous so far this year. I don't feel like we are 0-3 bad but seems like we are.
  12. Even if we struggle this year at the left tackle position, I'm happy with how Ballard made decisions this past draft. No LT was worth taking where we were imo.
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