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  1. Except when he did. And there reports that Jackson was quite a pest himself. Even when it happened there were those who disagreed with TOs release and more Eagle fans were annoyed as the years got removed from the situation as they realized that McNabb wasn't winning them a championship and began resenting the choice to just drop TO. A gang related story I'm sure makes this sell more palatable to those déjà vu fans.
  2. I meant when the Eagles released him and he went to the Cowboys.
  3. TO didn't in a similar situation with the Eagles. If teams sense they can get him w/o trading, they do.
  4. Evidence suggests dude may have killed people. Big difference. Regarding the Eagles, a private entity can feel free to promote any image they see fit. I couldn't dress like that to my job. However, I'm skeptical until proven otherwise that is the reason for release. It's those other points about waiting for stronger evidence than photos to draw conclusions about his character. That said, by the way he acts on the field, Jackson strikes me like a hot dog and me first player.
  5. Gotta let them in first to spread that word. And once you have, dressing and making gestures that have been part of your culture and environment since birth is not mutually exclusive with your stated ideals. They can do both.Holiness doesn't nor shouldn't have a dress code.
  6. Probably acceptance and empathy. Weird Christian stuff like that.
  7. See above post. Would your congregation turn away those that do?
  8. Taken at a baptist church meeting. Just not yours.
  9. Ah, okay. Misunderstood the little dude's emoticonical (?) purpose.
  10. I'm not going to offer my own conjecture as to why the Eagles didn't see Jackson as a future player for them. And I also won't accept anyone else's conjecture as reason or evidence. I'll wait for something more substantial and alter my opinion in due course.
  11. There are types of discrimination that are justifiable? Cool. Let me know what cultural customs should be viewed as transgressions even if they aren't actually in and of themselves, ya know, transgressing. There's a reason I said cultural and not racial because this transcends it. However your response of "too bad" regarding a rule that may admittedly be exposed to the culture of one race requires a lot more discussion than i can offer via my cell. Too bad Ill suffice to say aswell, though without the irony. Too bad players don't all come from the same upstanding neighborhoods.
  12. Just curious. Not saying they are, but what exactly is in this photo that suggests those in it CANT be on their way home from church?
  13. I don't know man. I'm waiting for more proof than some deuces sign in a photo that see from people all over Facebook Until some real evidence comes out, I'll remain skeptical. I don't know. I don't want the guy, but this whole gang affiliation smells like serious nonsense to me. Like the story almost has an insidious quality to it, spun/planted by the Eagles to ease things with the fans. Something feels rotten here and not a tad culturally discriminatory - and I'm not talking gang culture.
  14. Only shot we have at the post-season this year is through winning the division, and frankly, the only way to even have a shot at that is to try to strengthen the defense and trying to cover all the weapons Philly will be throwing at us. Keep games low scoring. Our offense was broken last year, and there was simply no way to completely fix those problems. There will be no shoot outs going in our favor. Sadly, though we strengthened our Oline a little, there are still too many holes there to fill in one offseason. I don't see a post season return this season unless either the Eagles either co
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