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  1. They had lost some very important players. This will be a great addition for them and I am sure the price was right.
  2. Foles is exactly the kind of QB that gives the Colts fits.
  3. I think they are an 8-8 or better team before the draft or before any additions are made. They will have $10 million to spend on free agents when they trade (not likely) or cut Schaub. They get Arian Foster back. They had other injuries too. They have a new coach with great potential. They are picking number one on every level of the draft. I think they take Clowney, draft a QB with the first pick in the second round and sign or trade for a QB (Ryan Mallett?) to get them buy until the QB they draft is ready. Derek Carr is going to be very good. There are a few others in the early second that c
  4. I have been watching that closely. I thought it was a sure thing that they would take Clowney. I don't think the new coaching staff can wait to develop a QB but Bortles is the kind of QB O'Brien likes and he had a pretty good workout at his pro day although nine passes were incomplete (some were dropped) and he overthrew long routes. He is raw and I don't see him starting right away but he has upside. I thought they would take Clowney and draft a QB (Derek Carr?) at the top of the second round.
  5. The only reason it would not be is because the Colts may not run the table on the South this year.
  6. Not so many for an expansion team. They were very good the year before last and they are going to be very good this year and they will challenge for that South division title.
  7. The Pats added a lot more in my opinion. Arthur Jones is not an elite player at his position and neither is Jackson. I like the Nicks signing for us but I also like LaFell for the Pats. I think they added the premier CB in the game while we re-signed a young and developing Davis. I like the Davis signing but Revis makes the Pats a whole lot better for the short run. I think Denver added more than the Pats or Colts.
  8. I guess that I don't see the Colts over San Diego, Baltimore or Cincy. I see the Colts at about five or six and in a battle for the South Division title. I think our free agents improved us a little but as you mention the O-Line still needs work and we need a safety.
  9. I think Ware will take a lot of pressure off of Von Miller and they will be a dynamic pass rushing duo, perhaps the best in the NFL. Ware was a HUGE move. I think he will come back and be close to the Ware of old and he can't be double teamed as much because of Von. The two of them playing together will extend both of their careers. I think Denver is a whole lot better than last year even before the draft.
  10. I also noted that but there is still time to build that. I would be more concerned with Newton's surgery and the fact that he won't have a lot of time to develop some chemistry with new receivers. It was time to let Steve Smith go just because of his age.
  11. Las Vegas betting odds has the Colts at 9 wins after the first round of free agency. Houston is listed at 8.5 wins. If you really believe this is a 12 win team you can make a lot of money. I think the Colts will lose to Houston, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New England, NY Giants, and Denver. So I think we will be 9-7 and in a fight to win the division. I could see us winning two of the games I have listed but I can also see losing one or two others. The O-Line is still terrible and the Colts come down to earth a bit when Luck can't continue making super human comebacks. I think 9-7
  12. It looks like you are a Pats fan. Didn't the Pats play Austin Collie last year? He has had numerous concussions and some of them were very severe. Are you asking him to retire too? Welker had two concussions last year and I agree with much of what you say. But these guys think they are invincible and they won't just walk away.
  13. I just saw on ESPN that Bridgewater had a shaky workout on his pro day. Jaws said that it was not what people expected to see and it did nothing to resolve the thought that Bridgewater lacked some arm strength. The Houston coach was there watching.
  14. Defend this man all you want. I don't care what happened, I care about what could have happened. Have you ever had a child step out on the street or swerve on a bicycle and made you have to brake for them? A man impaired like Irsay would not be able to do that. I don't care that it was 11:30 at night. This guy has been driving day and night in this situation. Now, if he ran over that person like you say and he was impaired it would certainly be his fault. He was supposed to be able to stop. Now, tell someone else to shut up because that isn't going to work with me.
  15. It won't be rock bottom unless they take the team away from him and they should do exactly that or when they come down hard on players for different issues, they will have no respect from anyone.
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