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  1. hated that niner team but damn how many guys would you take over joe montana in a big game or a game that is on the line
  2. jj watt is a beast but lets be honest, that defense is SOFT. when push comes to shove they cant stop -- or even get in the way of -- the league's great offenses. That defense/team is a bowling pin for legit contenders.
  3. lol @ everyone overrating kaep. this guy is tebow part 2 no doubt
  4. remember when I said Manti Teo is going to be better than Pat Willis at the beginning of the year and everyone laughed at me? who's laughin now?
  5. hopefully this blows up in his face like starting Kapernick did for Harbaugh
  6. 1) this is a defensive player of the week award, not DPOY. No argument can be made that Miller had a better game than Smith. 2) stats are useless. There are too many variables outside the players' control that effect the stats, which are often times difficult to measure in the first place (i.e. how close does one have to be for a pressure?). For example, Miller plays vs worse teams than Smith (AFC West is by far worst division, nfc is much better than afc), Smith competes with other studs on that D for plays, etc. Stickin with the niners, pat willis and justin smith are good examples of player
  7. i hear a lot of people sayin' that LBs are obsolete and not worthy of 1st round selections since it is a passing league....which i dont buy for a hot second
  8. Aldon Smith had a monday night record 5.5 sacks + a FF v. a 7-2 Bears club and Miller gets it? Love me some Von Miller but Smith is coming off the best defensive performance the NFL has seen in a long, long time. Perhaps it is because he is overshadowed by the other big-names on that defense...
  9. I believe those guys are proof that the LB position is not obsolete in today's NFL. The impact those two players have in the middle is ridiculous. Did you see them LAY OUT offensive linemen while bringing down forte with their free arm??? Who does that?! that is absurd. Those guys cover, hit, wrap up, chase down, shut down. I was amazed last night. How does a guy as athletic and instinctual as Bowman last till the late 3rd??? dont get it. Now I really wanna draft a LB with our top couple pix....lol
  10. holy cow. did anybody see this guys' performance last night? Gruden was going nuts saying how good he is. wow
  11. Angerer was selection # 63. Bowman was #91
  12. Saw this dude absolutely BEASTIN the other day but am not aware of his story? Where did he come from and has anyone else noticed this cat play?
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