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  1. My biggest concern is CB. I like Rock, but Moore had a tough year at nickle last year, and Rhodes was let go by the Vikes. That isn't even taking injuries into account. Our pass rush will have to be phenomenal to go far in the playoffs.
  2. Seattle had a pretty good rushing attack while he was there. I'm curious how his play was for the Sea Chickens.
  3. I think he could be a good right guard. I'm not sure how married we are to Glowinski, but Fluker can move bodies. Do we ask our right guard to pull, or can a masher like Fluker just blow people up?
  4. I haven't chimed in on the Kelly topic, but I'm not sure why so many people don't like him. I watched him light it up in preseason too. I'm not saying he should compete to be a starter, but jeez louise, he can surely beat a 4th round pick who is soft in the head. A whole lotta guys suck it up in preason, Phillip Walker. At least Kelly showed up at some point. I think he would be a great backup. Ballard even mentioned Kelly after the draft, saying he and Eason will battle for a roster spot, and that whoever wins will have to earn it. I think it is fair to give props to a QB who shows up in preseason, many don't. Hating on the guy because fans hope he makes it is strange.
  5. This is fun. When was the last time we had a back the other team had to worry about? Mack has good vision, but Taylor is athletically better and can break tackles. It will now be impossible to stack the box. Plus, I must add that we won our Super Bowl by running the ball. I have a feeling this will cure our 3 and out problems.
  6. Maybe Hopkins is a cancer. No way for us to know. Sometimes a turd has to go. Balancing a headcase who is still productive has got to be tricky.
  7. Didn't they lose Jack Conklin too. The tough guy team is letting some tough guys go.
  8. Titans took a huge hit. They kept Tannehill, which was good, but they lost Jack Conklin. Have you ever heard of a team letting a stud young OT walk? Henry won't be happy. Our DL got stronger, their OL got weaker. Trenches baby.
  9. Houston Autry Buckner Turay This will make our secondary very, very, very happy. Autry could explode with a stud next to him, and Turay was starting to cook. Thank goodness we got a crucial defender instead of a rookie QB nobody is excited about with the #13.
  10. Round 1 . Denzel Perryman ILB Miami instinct, athletic, sheds blocks . Eddie Coleman NT Florida State Solid, not great, but could be a linchpin in the middle for years . Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Produced without help, what if he played for Bama or the Badgers? Round 2 . Anthony Harris S Virginia athletic, instincts . James Sample S Louisville athletic, tough, productive Round 3 . Henry Anderson DE Stanford productive, his combine numbers pop at you . Hau'oli Kikaha OLB Washington not great athlete, but has mad skills, especially hand use Round 4 . Ibraheim Campbell S . Taiwan Jones ILB can't have too many Sparties, surprising athletics Round 5 . Andy Gallik C Boston College . Jamon Brown OG Louisville Round 6A . Kenny Bell WR Nebraska . James Castleman DT Oklahoma State Round6B Shaq Mason G/C Georgia Tech Ben Beckwith OG Mississippi State Round7A Marcus Rush OLB Michigan State Mycoyle Pruitt TE Southern IIllinois Round7B B.J. DuBose OLB Louisville Tavaris Barnes DE Clemson
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