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  1. Tevi is better than Leno. Leno is what makes the Bears, the Bears.
  2. Many clubs were not sold on Darrisaw at 21. You have a good point though. If Ballard wanted athletes at tackle, there were definitely some available, like Cosmi. I'm happy that Ballard is trying to build a 49'rs D-line, and we still have great pieces on our O-line. Some GMs talk about the trenches, but Ballard is actually doing it.
  3. Sometimes you get picks wrong. That doesn't mean you quit taking chances at one of the most important positions on the team. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of capitol and commitment to make a group truly special.
  4. If Dayo turns out like Malik Jackson, and Paye is like a Elvis Dumervil, this would be a home run. Imagine a Dumervil, Jackson, and Buckner defensive line. I'm tired of QBs getting comfy and picking us apart. If we didn't build up OT for a WR or S, I'd be *, but as long as the high picks keep going towards the trenches, I'm quite pleased.
  5. If there is a run and guys like Cosmi and Jenkins are gone, would you take a guy like Mayfield over someone like Rondale Moore? A third rate tackle over an explosive player would be hard to swallow.
  6. How would we move up? We don't have a third and next year we might not have a #1?
  7. I think corners are more important now than ever. One poster said with the current rules, offenses should be unstoppable. He is right to a point, but if you think about it, the most dominant defenses, like the Broncho's Defense with Manning, had multiple shut down corners. Considering elite defensive lineman only win their matchups 10% of the time, we need to re-sign Rhodes and add another high quality corner. You used to be able to get 8 or 9 high cap hit players, with the cap down it is even less. Say you can pay 7 guys top contract money, which positions would you choose? QB, LT, 2 c
  8. I agree it is a passing league, however that would translate with all wideouts and TE as well. With a great line and a good QB, the defense is not allowed to put their hands on guys like Pascal either. You could win with star wars numbers in shootouts, but good lines and a good defense are probably more likely to produce post season success. JMO
  9. I'm of the opinion that if you pay for the QB and the OL, then you should try to find bargains or less expensive options at WR. I like this approach better than the teams that draft super QBs and have them get the stuffing beat out of them. Give a good QB excellent protection, then the weapons will work themselves out. If you did sign a mega money wr like Golliday, do you think you could pay to have a great defense?
  10. I think good lines on both sides is a smart policy. I don't even know how we can have that with good corners and Wentz, let alone stud wideouts. In the past people assured me you can have crazy talent at every position, and talked like I was crazy for wondering about the numbers. I'd just love two good corners to go with the lines and the QB. I'd sure hate to be a GM and try to get all the contracts to come due at the right time. Somehow you have to have your key positions be a combo of rookie contracts and veterans. Some have said a rookie LT would help offset some of the money going in
  11. Rhodes was by far our best corner, shouldn't we keep him and get him help? I'm completely onboard with Okwara.
  12. Am I the only one who feels we had trouble stopping people last year? After LT, I'd go all defense. Re-sign Rhodes,and get a good edge rusher in FA. That first round draft pick is tricky because we need the OT. A few really good corners will be available to pair with Rhodes. I'd hate to wait until the second round and hope a good OT falls to us, but I'd also hate to shell out huge money for an aging OT in free agency. Ballard loves building inside out, and I agree completely, but the cap makes it hard to have two good lines and great cover guys. I'd re-sign Rhodes and Mohammed, but I'd
  13. I wouldn't pinch pennies on the O-line. Moving an All Star left guard because he costs too much is backwards thinking. If you want to save money, I'd rework Kelly's contract. Kelly is good, but he is replaceable, not like Nelson. When you have one of the best guards in football, you let him kill people inside and get a new tackle. Then run the freaking ball.
  14. My biggest worry is moving Nelson and replacing him with a UDFA. Remember all those years of having to pass on 3rd and 1. That was awful. Now that Taylor is warming up, I say go for it and keep a good OL. If you don't want to pay the interior line, then just trade Taylor and pass the ball to Hines.
  15. I love that he is aggressive, and I think he is a good play caller, but for some reason he is in love with that play. Hines up the middle in short yardage hasn't worked once this year. Love the aggressiveness and the win, lose that play forever.
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