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  1. The Browns offense is just legit good. Their o-line with Conklin, Willis and Bitonio is ridiculous. It is like they have three Nelsons to our one. Throw in their skill players, and they are just going to toast people. Our team is supposed to be a ground and pound team, and if that was working, Rivers and our wideouts would be fine. I wonder if Nelson is healthy, and I question the push provided by Kelly and Glowinski. Bottom line - Paris, Pittman, Mack, and Castonzo would have been Reaeeeaaalllly nice. If we face a team with a weak O-line, I think our D can win us the games a
  2. I was worried about a scheme change making all the difference, but he is thriving, and that is huge. TJ Carrie looked great as well. I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief and looking for many wins.
  3. I will say this about Taylor, his explosive speed just pops. If the blocking takes care of the first level, I can see him getting some long touchdowns.
  4. I don't think it is just Wilkins getting garbage time. He has better vision by far. Is this something Taylor can develop? How much growth is their in running backs? I like that Taylor hits the hole hard and doesn't dance, but it is baffling to watch him just run right into the back of his linemen. Our line is out of this world in pass blocking, but we don't exactly rip open holes at the point of attack.
  5. What do you guys think of the old Dolphin's defense where they had a four man front with two fatties in the middle and two small, super fast guys on the edges lined up wide, with tremendous corners. You would force teams to run through big guys who specialize in stopping the run, you'd always have two guys coming who specialize in blitzing, and you'd force the opponent to make plays against tight coverage by the corners who are the cornerstone of your team. Nothing flashy, not trying to trick people, but forcing people to make plays against pieces who specialize in what they know is coming.
  6. I want to give a shout out to the return guy, Dulin? That guy is dangerous and I'm glad he is on our side. Rock is the only one in our secondary to make a play, so I'll give him that.
  7. Remember when we couldn't run on third and 1, and 4th and 1. Well, here we are again.
  8. I think our strength in the trenches will win us the division. I've always been an inside out guy. I agree with those who say the running game and the veteran QB will mitigate any problem at WR. The corners on defense however are just scary. I guess it isn't devil's advocate, however, I'm positive we can have a great year despite these concerns. I just wanted to have an honest look at things in the midst of the pre-season feel good bubble. I know there are a lot of high hopes this year, and with a running game and big uglies, I hope we get there. Our defense got torched badly for the ent
  9. Every year, people say it is the best roster we have had in years and predict massive success. I certainly would love a 12 win season and a shot at the Chiefs, but I wanted to list a few concerns. Offense - I'm not worried about Rivers at all. I think behind our OL, he will be a better than average signal caller. What does worry me is our wide receivers. Parris Campbell has yet to show anything, and Hilton has been injured a lot. We are putting a lot on rookie Pittman to fix a lot of problems. The running game will be vicious, and Rivers should be fine, but I see us settling
  10. My biggest concern is CB. I like Rock, but Moore had a tough year at nickle last year, and Rhodes was let go by the Vikes. That isn't even taking injuries into account. Our pass rush will have to be phenomenal to go far in the playoffs.
  11. Seattle had a pretty good rushing attack while he was there. I'm curious how his play was for the Sea Chickens.
  12. I think he could be a good right guard. I'm not sure how married we are to Glowinski, but Fluker can move bodies. Do we ask our right guard to pull, or can a masher like Fluker just blow people up?
  13. I haven't chimed in on the Kelly topic, but I'm not sure why so many people don't like him. I watched him light it up in preseason too. I'm not saying he should compete to be a starter, but jeez louise, he can surely beat a 4th round pick who is soft in the head. A whole lotta guys suck it up in preason, Phillip Walker. At least Kelly showed up at some point. I think he would be a great backup. Ballard even mentioned Kelly after the draft, saying he and Eason will battle for a roster spot, and that whoever wins will have to earn it. I think it is fair to give props to a QB who shows up
  14. This is fun. When was the last time we had a back the other team had to worry about? Mack has good vision, but Taylor is athletically better and can break tackles. It will now be impossible to stack the box. Plus, I must add that we won our Super Bowl by running the ball. I have a feeling this will cure our 3 and out problems.
  15. Maybe Hopkins is a cancer. No way for us to know. Sometimes a turd has to go. Balancing a headcase who is still productive has got to be tricky.
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