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  1. The funny thing is that the Cardinals OL is still terrible. They have the exact same problem they had last year. Seriously, I hope Kyler Murray does not get injured. He will have very little chance to succeed in Arizona.
  2. Always liked LJ Scott from MSU. Is he healthy? I heard he stood out in post season drills.
  3. We got a talented zone corner(PFW said he excels in zone), a pass rusher with strength and speed, a talented wr(David Carr on NFL network says his routes are better than people think and that he stood out at the combine. Has great hands too. A quick hit target who gets YAC, and a linebacker who is lightning quick with great instincts. All four of these guys are productive, great athletes, and fit our scheme perfectly. Hallelujah. Also liking the blueprint of monster OL and a killer defense. That sounds like a recipe to win in the playoffs.
  4. 34. Nassir Adderley S , former CB, perfect 46. Khalen Saunders DT This kid was tearing it up in post season drills. I think he could be the real deal. 59. Juan Thornhill S 89 Derrick Baity CB
  5. I like Zach Allen. How do you think we could use him? Can he get up field?
  6. I forgot all about Adderley. Is he better in coverage than Thornhill? Rapp is like an extra linebacker.
  7. Sean Bunting was one of my CB sleepers. I was thinking third round. I also like Derrick Baity out of Kentucky. I like McCoy, but that would mean Kelly can't stay healthy. I hope that doesn't happen.
  8. You have your own personal board? You my friend are a draft fanatic. lol
  9. My top three are Taylor Rapp S , Juan Thornhill S, and Khalen Saunders DT.
  10. It is kinda hard to get excited about this class. Make that extra 2nd a future pick.
  11. Why is everyone mocking us a fatty with no history of providing a pass rush. Do they even know what defense we run?
  12. His quickness was insane. The refs actually thought he jumped some times because of it. He was one of the best tackles I've seen play. Look at who is considered a great OT today. Tarik would kill them. I agree with those that say he should be in the hall of fame.
  13. A poster had a pic of Blue Nasty in a boat where it showed that he was ripped as well as huge. If I had a magic lamp and three wishes, one would be to have a body like that. There are big Q and five other guys, and then everyone else on earth is one of those little guys. As a former OL, pancakes are a very good thing. Believe it or not, OL is one of the few places in professional football or basketball where you are still allowed to be physical and destroy people. I get that there are wall off players, and schemes where it is okay to just get in the way, but if you want to honest to goodness run block, you need to be able to let a physically gifted lineman destroy the man across from him, and maybe a few others along the way.
  14. Am I the only one not happy to see the Texans in the first round? They scare me plenty. Watson and Miller on one side, and that D on the other. I know we got them once, but they are physical with a great young QB. Should be a great game. The Chiefs are scary explosive, and athletic on D. They are my pick to go to the Superbowl, unless we can knock them off of course.
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