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  1. It is easy to say just run the ball on somebody, but few teams have the personnel to pull it off. Most lines are designed pass first now. The Colts pulled it off because of Smith and Nelson. Castonzo is also a strong run blocker, and Kelly is smart and athletic, and Glowinsi is far from a liability. Can't run without the horses.
  2. Must repeat. Halleluja we can convert 3rd and 1. Watched the Saints without Brees crush somebody, and I looked at their line. Ramzek, Warford, and more. Then I watched the Rams with all their speedy little receivers who can't pull ahead of a team who has all four starters injured in the secondary in Cleveland. See the pattern? Glad that isn't us any more. Braden Smith is almost as nasty as Q, and I'm loving it.
  3. One of the joys of being a big guy is being able to crush little guys like bugs. Football is still a big man's game. If this upsets poor Doug, he can watch soccer or the new wimpy NBA. Just for clarification, the reason crushing the little bug was impressive is because he is the weak side guard and he pulled al the way to the strong side to clear a path for Mack. The bug was wise to give up. It gets real fun when you can crush other big guys like bugs. That makes you a very, very bad human being.
  4. Thanks for the article. It always makes me angry to see teams draft players they never intend to keep in the lower first to third round. It is like they are rented. I see this the most with linebackers and corners. How many times do corners get the big pay day with the team that drafted them? The Colts used to let linebackers walk like Peterson. It seems many defenses are just a bunch of rented rookies.
  5. You guys got me thinking about the New England model. I think they have a great formula. Brady and Gronk got a suitcase full of cash, and the key would be a solid, not great OL. They always had deep lines of 2nd through fourth round draft picks. Guys like Shaq Mason. I think most teams have a few blue chip lineman, and then the rest of the line is awful. They draft a high left tackle and then throw something together and hope for the best. Not New England. Great QB and TE, solid OL, a pass catching runner on offense. I must say the Pats always got crazy value with Edelman. Then, they make the defense as good as they can with whatever money is left. They normally had a couple of high quality DBs and then they throw in guys like Kyle Van Noy. Crazy good model, but obviously not the only one that would work.
  6. I think you might be underestimating the cap hit. Of course great drafting is important, but you always hear about teams that have to win now while the elite QB is on a rookie contract, because after he gets paid, half the team gets let go. It drives me nuts hearing about the 'window' before a team has to dump salary.
  7. I agree that elite QBs make trash wideouts look good, but elite QBs without an OL are target practice. No running game, and having to throw every down, it doesn't matter who is your QB.
  8. If we keep having great drafts, guys like Nelson and Leonard are going to get paid. A QB eating a fifth of your cap space is crippling. I don't know how Brady does it. Some of those teams it looked like he was throwing to people off the street.
  9. When Peyton won in Denver, his arm was shot, but he had a killer defense and CJ Anderson went nuts. I'd love to have both, but the cap mechanics on that stuff is nasty. Now if a QB like Patrick Mahomes fell to us, I'd say heck yes, but I'm aching for a different type of team.
  10. Do you guys want to go back to a 30 mil QB and a weak team or do you want to do something different? I know the league is all about passing, but it does get tiring to have to have a QB play a perfect game to win 43 to 40. Our lone super bowl had more to do with Dominic Rhodes and the Defense than it did Peyton. I always used to watch teams with great defenses and runners like Jerome Bettis, and then we go and throw it every down. It might not even be possible to win with a resource heavy defense now days with the rules. It just gets tiring having the game be about one guy. Any one else want a Trent Dilfer type game manager on a monster team?
  11. Has anyone brought up Derek Carr? We basically Derek Carr'd Andrew. The Texans were famous for getting him killed. I'm surprised his name hasn't come up.
  12. Round 1 . Denzel Perryman ILB Miami instinct, athletic, sheds blocks . Eddie Coleman NT Florida State Solid, not great, but could be a linchpin in the middle for years . Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Produced without help, what if he played for Bama or the Badgers? Round 2 . Anthony Harris S Virginia athletic, instincts . James Sample S Louisville athletic, tough, productive Round 3 . Henry Anderson DE Stanford productive, his combine numbers pop at you . Hau'oli Kikaha OLB Washington not great athlete, but has mad skills, especially hand use Round 4 . Ibraheim Campbell S . Taiwan Jones ILB can't have too many Sparties, surprising athletics Round 5 . Andy Gallik C Boston College . Jamon Brown OG Louisville Round 6A . Kenny Bell WR Nebraska . James Castleman DT Oklahoma State Round6B Shaq Mason G/C Georgia Tech Ben Beckwith OG Mississippi State Round7A Marcus Rush OLB Michigan State Mycoyle Pruitt TE Southern IIllinois Round7B B.J. DuBose OLB Louisville Tavaris Barnes DE Clemson
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