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  1. We got up 14-0 and took our foot off the gas like we were up 35-0 or something. Great 1st quarter, great 4th quarter, middle of the game sucked yesterday. It was painfully average Vs the Texans. No one played especially bad, but we really didn't try that hard in the middle of the game. It was score 14 early, let them catch up in the middle, and put them away late. We also didn't run it down their throat when it was obvious Houston couldn't stop the run game. Just wasn't a fan of Reich's playcalling yesterday. That could of easily went to OT or depended on a 2 point conversion and we are the mu
  2. I told the forum that they were underestimating the Texans before the game yesterday. We only won 26-20 on a fumble the first time, and low and behold, we did almost the same thing the second time, winning 27-20. Sometimes we really play down to the level of our opponents, and we need to fix that. A lot of the games we played we did that and it's really frustrating.
  3. Pretty easy prediction here. The Steelers win pretty handily. Better coach, better offense, better defense. We are definitely the underdogs here. I guess we have the better O-Line and running game, but that's it. Maybe the better D-Line with Bud Dupree out. Will it be enough? I don't think so. This is the type of game where the Steelers defense shuts us down and wears our defense out over the course of the game. This is a match I feared all year. Steelers 30 Colts 13 Don't see this being close at all.
  4. I'll say yes, barely. Pittsburgh has a stiffing run defense, and will probably slow Taylor down a bit. However, Jax is pretty weak against the run, so Taylor can easily have 100 yards Vs them, especially in garbage time. I'll say 1050 rushing yards and 9 tds with 350 receiving yds and 1 td. So 1400 total yards and 10 total tds.
  5. Actually, Buckner, Autry, and Houston are all tied for 7.5 sacks. We are unique in that regard!
  6. People will disagree with me, but he's the best player on the team. Not just the defense, but the entire team. If you don't believe me, look at the Titans game we didn't have Buckner in and look how Henry destroyed us. The difference is night and day.
  7. Add a forced fumble to that as well. Absolute monster!
  8. I had a feeling they were going to turn the ball over on that final drive again. I was talking to my friend on the phone, and we were watching them and I said, "there will be a fumble or INT before they score and we will win". Sure enough, Darius stripped the ball, and Okereke recovered. De ja vu all over again! LOVE IT!
  9. That's awesome! Did you have a lot of fun today?
  10. It's more of an odds thing IMO. They can't really run on us too well, so 1 run play doesn't have a great chance. They could pass and score on us to win, but the odds are still less than 50%. I guess it would come down to if they thought they were the inferior team and couldn't score on us or stop us in OT. If not, then you go for two and take the slightly less than 50/50 odds. It's like going for Red or Black on a roulette wheel odds-wise I believe if you are the Texans, except we have the opposite color along with the Green zeroes to tilt the odds slightly in our favor.
  11. Very good win though. Rivers managed the game well and no mistakes from him again. Taylor did well with his carries. Nice game from Pascal. Buckner dominated. The defense as a whole did well. Blankenship made the longest kick of his career. Great team victory to get our tenth win!
  12. I just almost never see it, unless it's preseason, unless it's to tie the game up or get ahead by 3 or 7, or within 3 or 7. The situation Reich was talking about where they would go for two to decide who wins and loses is very rare in the regular season. I just don't buy it, even if they were eliminated. Just me though.
  13. I don't buy that tbh. I think Reich was saying that last time as a lie to cover up his poor call of not kicking a FG to get up by 7 two weeks ago. He knew good and well they wouldn't of. That only happens in preseason to protect the players from getting hurt. Don't care if the Texans were out of it, they weren't going for two last time, and they weren't going for two this time.
  14. @danlhart87Buckner actually got 3 sacks AND a forced fumble. Looked great today when he played. What a monster of a man he has turned out to be for us! Absolute great trade from Ballard as you said!
  15. Uh no. He needs to play and will play. We can't sit players at this point when playoffs are on the line. We barely beat them last time 26-20 when the C fumbled the ball on the snap right before they scored a td. We need our full team.
  16. The area that would concern me is our lack of pass-rush. Mahomes needs maybe 3 seconds a play to find an open man, and he can deliver some circus throws to open receivers if need be. We would probably need to hold them to 30 points or below to have a chance of winning. If we can't get them to punt the ball at least 3 times, we'll lose. An underrated feature on the Chiefs is their defense. It's actually not too bad, especially the pass defense. They can get pressure, and they have Chris Jones on the defensive line who is like a Mack truck. He gave Quenton Nelson some trouble before.
  17. I think we are underdogs Vs the Chiefs, but we match up better Vs them then any other AFC team IMO. The only other AFC team I'd even give a chance to beat them is the Titans. All about matchups. We would have to have a strong run game and keep Mahomes off the field. Rivers could be a great game manager Vs them, and probably 3 out of 10 times we win. Not great, but possible in a 1 game matchup.
  18. It almost is SB or bust for us though. If Rivers retires after this year, we are either forced to start Eason, draft another QB, or go through the process of signing a short-term veteran stopgap-option all over again. We have a great team and a great GM, but the QB is on borrowed time, and there's nothing guaranteed when he leaves. This isn't like having Manning when he was younger or Luck when we thought he'd be here 15 years.
  19. Good job! We're both minimum makers tonight! (Play on the millionaire maker on Draftkings)!
  20. I had something weird happen. I had a feeling Carr would get hurt, so I changed my $1 lineup and took him out. He ended up getting hurt and I cashed for $2 with a score of 86.64 on a 83.44 cutoff lol. Of course Renfrow gets a concussion to balance me out! I'll try and show you my lineup. Not sure if it'll appear. pikapal4ever 13375th of 71428 POSITION $2 WINNING 86.64 5 quarters left Cap Space: $0 MVP - 1.5X PointsJustin Herbert 22/32, 314 YDS, 2 TD LAC 30@LV 27 5TH - 00:00 69.1%DRAFTED 41.94
  21. He didn't have the size Ballard normally likes for a CB, but his arm length and wingspan made up for it. He mentioned that in a video.
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