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  1. While it's technically 90%, most of those "scenarios" are ones that won't happen. The most likely one is that the Dolphins and Ravens win out. I don't see the Ravens losing. Maybe the Dolphins lose to the Raiders or Bills. That, along with the bad scenario, are the three scenarios that will most likely happen if we lose to the Steelers. If we beat the Steelers, that gives you four good scenarios (we probably don't lose to Jax again). So I'd say our odds realistically of making the playoffs are 75%, with the 25% bad scenario being the most likely individual scenario.
  2. It's bad for them, but they have T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith to replace Dupree. So they are adequate on the other side. Still hate it for us tbh. Sorry to be negative, this is just one of those games I won't believe we will win until it actually happens. I can't believe in blind optimism here. Rooting for us 100%, but I know we are the heavy underdogs. We'll see Sunday. Hoping for the best.
  3. Actually, it couldn't really be worse unless it was specifically Rivers or Buckner (and Buckner is sorta hurt with the ankle already). I'd rather have Nelson miss the game almost. That's how good Braden has been, and how low on depth we are at the T position. Again, it depends on Constanzo too, but if he is out, what can we really do? Even if he is limited, they are going to get pressure all day with an already great defense. I can't see how we win. Sorry to burst yours or anyone elses bubble.
  4. Is Miami facing Buffalo in week 16 or 17? Can't remember. That would be what saves us if anything. Let me just put it to you this way. Braden Smith has become an elite RT this year. Hasn't allowed a sack all year. His impact is HUGE. The fact that people are brushing it off to the side that he's missing this game as no big deal is laughable. If Constanzo is limited or misses this game as well, it's an L. We are pretty much depending on Miami or Balt to lose to get in. I have no faith in this team to beat Pitt Sunday. Losing Braden Smith is so huge and people can't comprehend it.
  5. For everyone who is falsely optimistic. It's easy to be an optimistic homer when you are depending on other people to do all the work, isn't it? The Steelers are now playing to win to win the division. They are no longer comfortable. They have been publicly shamed and embarrassed, and we are their ticket to get back on track. They are a lion and we are a gazelle. Fresh meat. This O-Line is hurting right now. The Steelers have a great defense. Don't expect much scoring by the Colts Sunday. I've been very optimistic the last two months, but I'm not going to falsely say I feel confide
  6. Congratulations Rigo! So proud of you for overcoming this and playing immediately after. Absolutely amazing! Much respect for you!
  7. So this is how we are going to miss the playoffs huh? Colts lose Smith because of Covid. Go 11-5, and the Dolphins and Ravens knock us out of the playoffs at 11-5. Wow. Two games it happens against two really good teams. Complete nonsense garbage.
  8. His SB accomplishments are. 2 SBs made and 1 SB won on both teams. Took 14 years on Indy and 4 years on Den. That exposes how poor of a team Polian built around Peyton. There's a reason Peyton embraces Denver so much.
  9. Pagano was bad for other reasons besides the lack of talent. He was way too conservative, didn't scheme well, and never learned from his mistakes. He's a defensive coordinator, plain and simple.
  10. He's also had 1 year with Luck, and two years with Brissett. The year with Luck he made the playoffs and won a playoff game. The team was horrible with little to no talent after Grigson was fired. Pagano held the team back somewhat in 2017 while he remained as a Coach as well while we had some leftover scouts from the Grigson era. Ballard wasn't able to get anything done until 2018. He had one year with Luck, had a great draft, and made the playoffs and won a playoff game around that. After that, Luck retired, and we had Brissett in 2019. Now we have Rivers in 2020, and we are already 10-4 wit
  11. Here's the issue. If Manning was on the Broncos his entire career, he'd have more than 2 SBs. Brady would have less than 6 SBs. The gap would be considerably closer. That's Polians fault though, and proves what a great team does for even the greatest QB of all time. Separates Brady from Manning SB-wise, and shows how someone like Ballard is a great GM even without Luck.
  12. Brady didn't have a good stat-line Vs the Rams and he won one there. So absolutely. Peyton had a great year and lost to the Seahawks, so I will conversly take the win when he won the SB with the Panthers. Sometimes things turn out weird. He still accomplished just as much in Denver because he had an actual team around him, and I was rooting for him the entire way.
  13. Look at the end on both. In 14 years, he made 2 SBs and won one in Indy. In 4 years, he made 2 SBs, and won one in Denver. Same production in 10 less years. That's why his time in Denver is equal to his time in Indy. The most important stat. You can blame Bill and Chris Polian on that one for not putting a complete team around him in 14 years.
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone on this forum. Hope you all have a great day with your families! Stay safe and have fun!
  15. Not only is this amazing, but I want to add that we also got DeForest Buckner along with these four guys technically with our 1st round pick (even if it was in a trade). So that's 5 guys we secured with our draft picks that have made a huge impact this year.
  16. Merry Christmas my friend! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!
  17. I agree. Irsay is also a passionate fan, as well as an owner, so he will compliment his team just like any fan would and it gets blown out of proportion because he is the head honcho. Media guys love things like this to report to try and cause chaos between teams and fans. They will try to get the fans and teams to be upset about it because the owner "is opening his big mouth". In reality, the players really don't care. If anything fires the Steelers up, it will be losing 3 straight games heading into the playoffs, and the Bengals game could be the catalyst that is a "wake up call", not a team
  18. Pascal is less utilized because of Pittman and because Rivers spreads the ball around, but he's a high end #3 receiver IMO. Rather have him than not at this point in the season.
  19. He's been playing good enough from the Cincy game on that it's obvious that that's how he would actually be playing all year. Big enough sample size IMO. Steelers will be tough, but I find it hard to believe he will just fall apart even though it will be a tough game. He'll get his 200-250 yds and probably 2 tds with maybe an INT, but we'll run the ball well.
  20. I can imagine him doing a pirouette into into a split with a DX crotch chop on the logo saying "suck it!" to the Steelers before the game all casually!
  21. Vikings 20 Saints 27 Buccaneers 30 Lions 17 49ers 20 Cardinals 24 Dolphins 28 Raiders 24 Giants 17 Ravens 35 Falcons 27 Chiefs 38 Panthers 23 Football Team 20 Browns 34 Jets 21 Bears 23 Jaguars 17 Bengals 20 Texans 31 Colts 13 Steelers 30 Broncos 24 Chargers 27 Eagles 24 Cowboys 26 Rams 28 Seahawks 27 Titans 30 Packers 24 Bills 31 Patriots 20 Alright. Lets see how these work out. Can I win three weeks in a row?
  22. Cheers to that! That decision will haunt them for 15 years.
  23. They did, and we got away from the run. No need too when Taylor and Hines can run it with ease down their throats. We were almost calling plays at random. If you don't believe me, look at the random Jacoby pass that stalled that drive that led to a FG instead of a TD.
  24. Results don't, but playcalling does, and we were very conservative afterwards. The Texans starting scoring and we didn't get aggressive on them until the 4th quarter. Never should of been a game. They have the worst defense in the NFL, they can't stop the run, and they can't run it on us. We didn't take them serious, made some dumb plays, and it came down to the final play. We could be 1-4 in the division right now if it weren't for two fumbles on the last drive (which you can't depend on on a weekly basis). So we need to put weak teams away early and play strong teams strong. Reich underestim
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