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  1. We'll definitely fill the position. I'm under the impression we'll get someone half as good as Dodds. If Brown stays, he'll probably be promoted to Assistant GM, and someone else will be promoted to his spot (which is a downgrade already). If Brown leaves too, that's when the scouting staff would REALLY fall apart. Of course Ballard would fill the positions, but the quality would go down, and thus, the quality of our drafts. Faith doesn't mean anything. Sorry. Dodds (and possibly Brown) are being considered for GM jobs because they are proven at what they do under Ballard. At best,
  2. I'm Bipolar. hate to use that as a reason, but it is what it is. We have no QB after this year, we have an average HC at best, Luck left us. The one thing we have that is better than everyone else (our scouting) may get poached now. This team was supposed to be competing for SBs with an elite scouting staff backing them up for a decade or more, and now we may have nothing at the end of the year. Ballard by himself is still just one person. If Dodds and Brown go, then we are a bottom-feeder again. Doesn't matter how good Ballard is. I'm taking a break for awhile until I see whether
  3. I don't even care if we lose Flus tbh. If we lose Dodds and Brown though, my interest in the draft will go from 10 to 0. At that point, I would question if I would watch next year depending on the QB situation. As great as Ballard is in the draft, Dodds and Brown were a HUGE part in making those drafts what they are. I believe Ballard would be exposed without both of them.
  4. They also drafted mahomes after Ballard left in 2017. Maybe we get a franchise guy, maybe we don't. We know in hindsight that they got the best QB in the league though and part of it was due to Ballard's scouting the years prior. We may not be so lucky.
  5. It's not an overreaction. That would genuinely weaken our scouts if Dodds left. Losing our Assistant GM is a HUGE deal, especially someone as good as Dodds. That's something that would destroy the quality of our drafts for years to come, and the magical scout fairy doesn't come in and give us someone of equal value to replace him. Although it's unavoidable to lose him, it's ridiculous how people believe there wouldn't be a dropoff in talent after he left. Ballard should of blocked people from interviewing him. This is like losing Deforest Buckner in the Titans game and trying to shuffle the de
  6. You have any actual legit thoughts to add to the conversation? I'm actual sharing a real thought here and you have nothing of substance to add.
  7. Don't know. I watch "with the next pick" and I don't feel confident with anyone else besides Morocco Brown tbh. Decker is a guy who mainly judges character, he's not really a talent evaluator. The others are just scouts who are decent, but I wouldn't feel comfortable advancing them to director of scouting personnel. If anything, I'd feel more comfortable hiring John Dorsey with his familiarity with Ballard if Dodds leaves.
  8. We are completely screwed if he takes the Panthers GM job. We can say Ballard is a great GM all we want, but there's 3 big names in that office. Ballard, Dodds, and Morocco Brown. If we lose one, the quality of our drafts will start to go down the toilet. What do we do? Promote Morocco Brown to assistant GM and have nothing behind them? We are up a river if Dodds leaves.
  9. Texans fans hate it for the most part. They want to get rid of the Pats stench on their team. They also believe that Brady was responsible for winning in NE and the Pats couldn't draft very well, so they dislike Caserio. I'm not worried about him going to NE at all personally. No Brady, no Belichick, nothing to worry about IMO.
  10. I live in Colorado. So I will do the job for $500,000 a year. Sorry Colts fans, when I become GM, I'm hiring Morocco Brown as my assistant GM!
  11. Only because of the Andrew Luck situation. There's a small possibility he could of wanted to sign with a team with an established QB like the Texans after his contract ran out. Just an unwarranted worry though, but it was in back of my head at times.
  12. Great news! I was a bit worried that he may not re-sign when his contract ran out. This is a great way to start the year!
  13. I'm saying tanking is hard. It's literally as hard as going undefeated to do it perfectly (both have only happened twice in NFL history). Most of the time, a tankjob is mostly successful. 2-14 is a fantastic tankjob. They lost the first 13 games. There just happened to be a genuinely bad team in the Jaguars (who I don't believe tanked and were just bad). I believe Adam Gase did try harder when the reality hit him that his job was all but lost. It happens in the real world too. Your back is against a corner and you have to pay a bill, study for an exam after slacking til the last minute. People
  14. The Jets won two games because Adam Gase thought he was coaching for his job at that point, so he opened up the playbook. The Browns win was easier because 4 of their receivers were out due to the Corona. The theories aren't baseless about the 2011 Colts, the general population is just unable to prove them unless someone spills the beans about it. The Eagles obvious 1 game tank may be the first step for the casual fans to start figuring out that it happens across the league. Even CBSSports wrote an article about it. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/why-doug-pederson-
  15. There was a lot of turmoil between Gase and Gregg Williams, I heard Gase fired him as a scapegoat before he was getting fired. I'm fine with any team trying to tank honestly. Most of the time it doesn't work anyway, and if it does, then you are still sacrificing a year of the team in order to try to win in the future. Most of the time, it's for a generational QB, which is understandable. The Eagles were just moving up 3 spots from 9 to 6, which will probably get them a slightly better talent and save them some draft capital if they wanted to move up.
  16. Yeah, I was just saying that my theory was probably the only theory that could happen. Maybe the Colts planned the tank with knowing how good Andrew Luck was, but it's still hard to pull off for a year. It takes an effort from everyone though, and my way would be the only way that everybody could pull it off and keep quiet afterwards. There's always mini-tanking IMO, and the Eagles example is one way that they do it that was probably really obvious. Some people here still believe that a team won't try it at the beginning of the year. I think the Jets attempted that this year befor
  17. The only theory that could possibly happen to the bolded is that maybe Irsay paid Polian and the Coaches under the table to tank and set the Colts up for the future after they got fired and secured the #1 pick. Chris Polian was doing the 2011 draft if I remember right, and Bill was basically done at that point, so I don't think he cared if he got fired. The coaches I can't speak for, but Irsay cleaned house, and it wouldn't be too hard to bribe them to get the no1 pick and fire them to make it look legit that he was punishing them for a 2-14 record when it was the plan all along. J
  18. This wouldn't bother me a ton if he went to the Jets or Texans as a HC. I don't think he's good enough to be honest. There are a lot of other HC Candidates that would scare me more that they could both get.
  19. Would love this. My AFC team Vs my NFC team. That would be a fantastic matchup. Rivers Vs Rodgers.
  20. Thank you! It was a sweat for sure today!
  21. Loved it! Absolutely loved it! Taylor is a Manster! Great pick that will carry this offense for a long time! One more draft and FA will put us over the top IMO. Can't wait to see what we do in the playoffs. We deserved to make it!
  22. Fun year for sure! We shouldn't of had a big sweat to make the playoffs with 7 teams, but the important thing is we're in! A chip, a chair, a chance! We have a very good team, and it's been fun to see them grow this year. Rivers is capable of winning games, and we have a monster back in Taylor who looks like he has figured out the game in year 1. That's why getting an early round RB can sometimes be very effective, if you hit on someone like Taylor. Great day today! Congrats Colts fans, celebrate tonight cmon!
  23. Getting a mid-round RB every year or two is never a bad strategy. Keeps fresh legs on a position with a short shelf life, and keeps the pantry full. Mack won't be healthy for most of next year anyway even if we wanted him back. So getting a guy to take some carries off Taylor next year may not be a bad idea. Even 20 carries a game for 16 games is 320 carries. That's a lot over a bunch of years, and you have to include college as well at Wisconsin.
  24. I think he gets consideration, but the award will still go to Herbert unfortunately. Taylor was the best rookie RB though, and it wasn't close.
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