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  1. Not a huge fan of Gary either, but I do think the mock draft was well-designed and some effort was put into it. A good tool right now to tell who is ranked in what areas at the very least.
  2. I was looking at some mock drafts this morning. This one looked like the best to me. Everyone is up to date, and it really shows there are around 15 top talents before the pool starts dropping off to the next level. This may actually be a decent representation of where some of the 1st rounders may go, should they hold their draft position through the combine and pro day later on. Enjoy! https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/LongFormArticle/The-247Sports-NFL-Mock-Draft-10-125902927/#125902927_1
  3. This was a good pick. Always nice to see a 7th rounder hit for their draft position. One of these a draft would go a long ways in building the team.
  4. You know the saying, "don't poop and post"!
  5. I don't mind if they use Mack less against top run defenses, as his YPC is lower most of the time, but they just abandon the run in those cases. At least mix in Hines and Wilkins more, and especially use them all in the passing game. They all can catch the ball decently, and Hines is great at it!
  6. I agree with this. Which begs the question, why aren't they using him more?
  7. You better have proof or some sort of link if you are going to say this.
  8. Agreed. Even Bills fans were glad to see him go. Guy is hot garbage.
  9. I think if the Colts make the wildcard this year, they will probably get blown out by the Steelers. To me personally, it's not worth getting one extra game of the Colts and giving up 5-10 spots of draft position in each round. Just trading down from 10-20 in the first round gets you an extra 2nd round pick. That's about what it's worth to us.
  10. He definitely can't run on good defenses, and we can't run at all without Ryan Kelly at C. I wish we would go back to what was working in that two game stretch where we ran the ball extremely well. May need to sign an RB in FA or draft another one next year.
  11. I would of taken the FG early and got up 3. At this point, I go by the motto, "all points are good points". At the end though, I absolutely agree with you that I would of went on 4th down. At that point it was 0-6 Jags, and you can't kick a FG, make it 3-6, hope to get the ball back, and then hope to drive down the field for another FG or TD. If you get the FG, you did all that just to get it into OT and you still might lose. Going for it on 4th down was correct there, but I agree the play was awful. A jet sweep by Ebron was never going to work and they were expecting it. Sneak it with Luck. H
  12. You named everyone I was thinking of. Bob is borderline because of his short career, but he played an instrumental part in our SB win as well. Vinny is "half" a legend for us and the Pats because he split time between our teams with his accomplishments, but he is 100% a legend. I do think Luck will win one for us. It may take 3 years or so, but it'll happen if Ballard keeps building the team the way he is from year to year.
  13. I agree with that 100%. I'm a victim of that from time to time as well (including this week), but I take the word "legend" very seriously as the 0.1% of players. There may be 6-8 "legends" in Colt history in my view. Luck is great, but not there yet. We haven't even made the SB yet with Luck, let alone win one, and that's my qualification for a "legend" qb.
  14. Braveheart... I'm assuming you mean those 4 in their prime, and if you do, that is the biggest lie you've ever told. Those 4 in their prime would destroy the Jags CBs and Luck would put up 40. The WRs were far from the only problem in this game, but to have all 4 of those legends at their talent level would completely change the game around with Luck at QB, run game or no run game.
  15. Nope, if the Colts make the playoffs it'll all go away. If they fall short by a game, this will be remembered as the reason why by a lot of fans.
  16. Luck will be a legend if we wins us the SB, until then he's just our franchise QB. I agree on the 2nd part.
  17. 8-8 is the best guess here. Without Kelly, the O-Line is human now, and the run game is non-existent. We will probably lose to the Texans in Houston, and lose another game as well. Lots of promise going into next year, but I don't see playoffs with the holes on our team this year. Next year we make it 100%.
  18. The first thing we have to realize before answering this question is that we are living vicariously through this team. We become happy when they win, and sad when they lose, and the ultimate goal is the SB. Having said that, if we were in their position, and were truly honest with ourselves, do we really think we have a true chance at winning the SB? As a Owner, GM, Coach, and player, I'm fighting tooth and nail to get to the SB and win it because there's a chance. As a fan, I look at the strategic side of it and realize, "sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war". Losing the battle
  19. Pretty much over it now. Went to the casino for a few hours, only played Blackjack, and had a slight gain. Profited $10 and a pizza from them, so it helped me get over the game and focus on something different. I don't think we make the playoffs this year, but we are in great shape GM-wise, coach-wise, and in certain areas team-wise. The draft and FA should be fun and we'll see if the young guys on our team can accomplish something in the last month that makes us happy. Ready to move on from this debacle of a game now. Good thread @NorthernBlue
  20. My prediction was 9-7 before the season started. However, that could of been better based on being 6-5 a week ago with a pretty easy schedule remaining. Even Rodgers scored in a bad game Vs the Cards. We needed a TD to win the game. Luck didn't score a point on any drive yesterday. Very embarrassing. When we were 1-5, I would take it. However, seeing the improvements we made during that 5 game stretch, I wouldn't take a random blowout in-between. I don't mind a random loss or off-day, but that was a horrible blowout loss where no one cared (including Luck). If the team cares that
  21. I just want the Colts to be put out of their misery now. It's falling apart this year. I hope we lose out now and Ballard can fix the remaining holes on this team through FA and the draft. Our injuries aren't even that bad and we get destroyed. Literally Doyle and Kelly and the team falls apart on offense. I don't know, I guess I should take a break. When you're at the point where losing $300 at the casino is a better thing than seeing a blowout of the Colts, then I guess I'm taking it too seriously. I lack control of the team, so there's nothing I can do about it, so it upsets me seeing Reich
  22. I can't even say oh well right now. I thought I'd get over it with some sleep, but it's 10X worse to me now than it was when the game ended. I look at final scores of all the games, and our goose egg stands out like a sore thumb. Can't go on football websites as there's nothing positive from our game (unless you're a huge Autry fan). Any other team site has something positive to say about their team today (makes me feel worse about today). It's going to last an entire week as well. It's like losing at the casino in a big way and having to wait for your next paycheck, or a couple weeks until yo
  23. The bolded upsets me that you'd say that. Luck should of been playing like his life and career depended on it this game. We put together a 5 game winning streak, were at 6-5 and a realistic chance of making the playoffs. Andrew is smart enough to know the playoff scenarios, he knew there was no room for error. He played the worst game of his career. Not 1 point. More than likely eliminated the Colts from the playoffs yesterday for himself, his teammates, and all the fans who have supported this team throughout his career and their lives. I don't care if breaks the td record next week. The dama
  24. I'd love to put that theory to the test. We may not even sniff the SB with Luck as QB if we have random, sporadic games like this where we can't score a point. We can't withstand any sort of injury and the whole team comes tumbling down. Winning the SB would create an all night party of excitement on here. Right now, we aren't even playoff worthy and Luck is going to be 30 at the start of next season. Half the ride is over, we are still rebuilding in the 2nd half of Luck's career, and there's a lot of holes to fill. We want hope, not consistent inconsistencies. If we win the SB, this forum wil
  25. The bottom line is that we can't hit on a good RB to save our lives. We can get decent ones that are inconsistent and show brief flashes, but nothing that can carry a team, let alone a committee that can do it like so many of us here want. I'm guessing if we don't sign Bell or Hunt, Ballard will draft another RB in the 4th round to compete with what we have and create more competition, and odds are it won't work out any better. There are RB's out there that hit, but we can't find them it seems. My two cents on this is, if someone is there like Bell or Hunt, they don't cost draft picks and only
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