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  1. 1 minute ago, cbear said:


    Imo, we are already contenders. I'd say only the chiefs are clearly better. 

    The Bills are only because of Josh Allen. He's a top 3 QB and will continue to get better. We will lose Rivers either this year or next, after that, we'll either be forced to draft a QB or sign another veteran. If we trade for Watson, I think we can beat the Chiefs.

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  2. 47 minutes ago, NannyMcafee said:


    Let's just hire one every 3 years. Then we will never reach the SB and become the laughing stock of the NFL because we never keep a coach long enough to prove himself. I am far from a Frank Reich fan, but he simply needs to be given more time before jumping ship on him. My two cents. Give the guy some time to correct some of these things. Its not like we are wasting the prime of our franchise QB. 


    I have faith in Ballard after 4 years to bring in talent worthy of SB wins. The biggest thing you would need to worry about is losing years of your QB and thats just not a risk here. 


    Also, it doesn't matter what you want. Irsay is on the FR train for the next 2 or 3 (go look at his latest interview) years unless Frank completely falls apart, and he hasn't done so. Irsay is a big FR fan. 

    It doesn't matter what any of us want. Your opinion and mine mean exactly the same. If you feel everyone's opinion is worthless here, then maybe you shouldn't be on an opinion forum where people discuss their beliefs about this team. That cliched line is completely outdated and shows you have no argument against what I said. You just like Frank Reich. You didn't even make an argument why Frank Reich was better than the list of candidates I preferred over him.

  3. 46 minutes ago, CurBeatElite said:


    Trading away arguably the best WR in the entire game b/c coach O'Brien had issues with the guy is probably a start of Watson being unhappy.



    I agree with you, in terms of the bosses should always call the shots... that's tricky in sports though.  A Pat McAfee podcast about how much power Peyton had in Indy was pretty funny, and also informative, and while there may have been some exaggerations, I think most were pretty spot on -- one thing McAfee said was "If Peyton wanted anyone in that building fired, all he had to do would be to walk into Irsay's office."  


    Watson is a once-in-a-generation talent.  You probably saw JJ Watt apologize to him walking off the field after their last game saying "Sorry, we wasted one of your seasons."  Thing is, Watt already spoke out about O'Brien and the organization earlier in the year -- Watt's a future HOFer who has been the face of that franchise for about a decade, known league-wide as a class act.  It's not like Watson is the only player in HOU who seems unhappy with the way things are going, but he certainly doesn't seem happy there and has a reason, IMO, behind it.  Heck he posted something on twitter right after they hired the new GM (which he since has taken down).

    Watson isn't generational, although he is an excellent QB. He's not even the best QB in his draft class (Patrick Mahomes is) which shows how there are two or three great QBs in a draft class sometimes and it completely demeans the term "generational QB".

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  4. 3 hours ago, jszfunk said:

    Who are the great candidates?

    Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

    Brian Daboll, Bills Offensive Coordinator

    Joe Brady, Panthers Offensive Coordinator

    Robert Saleh, 49ers Defensive Coordinator

    Don Martindale, Ravens Defensive Coordinator

    Urban Meyer, former Ohio State Coach

    Matt Campbell, Iowa State Coach

    Dan Mullen, Florida Head Coach


    There's 8 guys right there I would take a chance on over Frank Reich. That doesn't even count the obvious "Fire Reich and promote Eberflus" line either.

  5. Frank will admit some mistakes (others he'll try and double down that they were ok) then he'll go into the next game and make them again, repeatedly for the entire season and the playoffs. He still hasn't learned situationally when to go for it on 4th and when to kick FGs. It cost us yesterday (although Blankenship equally cost us and is a choker to me now, a 30 yard kick should never be missed unless it's blocked), and it's made games very difficult throughout the year. He's taken the gas off the pedal in the times we do gain leads (Texans games are a perfect example and the second Jags game), and almost loses every time. If we fall behind, he will completely abandon the run instead of use Taylor to help move the ball. He takes risks just for the sake of taking risks it seems. Momentum is one thing, but you still gain momentum kicking a FG and scoring Vs the other team. 


    He is an old man set in his ways that refuses to change. He'll admit when he does something wrong and take responsibility, but he won't change his strategy based on that, he'll just do the same thing he did the prior week. So it also makes us predictable. Rinse and repeat with this bad coach. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, coltsfeva said:

    True. But Elway was 37, maybe a better example. 

    Slightly better example, but Elway had already made 3 SBs at that point, so the possibility of him winning one was somewhat likely. He was proven to get there at least. Rivers has never gotten there, and he is past his prime now (although still a good QB). We also have a ridiculously hard AFC conference to deal with.

  7. 12 minutes ago, colts8718 said:

    LOL WOW you would rather have Rivers over Luck ask any Colt fan who no's football' who they would rather have. You must be related to Rivers no other rational explanation 

    He's had some takes I've completely disagreed with since after the game. Even by the offchance Luck and Rivers were even, Luck is still 8 years younger than Rivers and that makes him the much better choice over a 39 year old Rivers. There's no comparision on who's better anyway though. I will never forgive Luck for quitting on us, but I'll admit he's much better than Rivers was for us this year. That guy you were talking to is either a former Chargers fan, or he's just switching to like Rivers because he's now the Colts QB, so now he feels he has to talk positive about him and it's ok to bash Luck because he retired.


    I'll bash Luck for his decision to retire and the timing of it, but I will never bash his football ability or demean him by saying a 39 year old Rivers is a better choice than a 31 year old Andrew Luck at this point.

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  8. 1 minute ago, coltfaninnewyork said:

    Himself as well as Pittman and the other rookies will use this playoff experience to be better next season 

    Yep. Taylor and Pittman did decent against the Bills in their first playoff game. We are much better with them than without them. We need one more solid draft class to be contenders IMO. Hopefully we get the QB situation figured out. The 2020 class by itself seems like a hit, especially if you include Buckner.

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  9. 23 minutes ago, Patrick Miller said:

    What is Jacob Eason? chopped liver? I wonder if this guy has a chance to start?

    He is chopped liver right now. He didn't play a single snap this year. As far as we know, Ballard might like him or think he's horrible or somewhere in between. Completely random right now. All we know is he's the only QB under contract for next year as of now.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, Nickster said:

    Are we allowed to criticize this kid now?  I think he’s good.  Bought his jersey.


    but he was a major contributor to the loss today.  The drops were killers and I saw at least twice where he just whiffed in pass pro.  He didn’t play much after that.  

    He was also indecisive running like he was in the first half of the season.  

    He seemed overwhelmed. should be the only time it happens, but he wasn’t good yesterday.

    I actually agree, and I like Taylor more than almost anyone on this forum. He had a couple of bad drops, including one in the 2nd half that could of been crucial. I didn't notice the pass protection so much, but I noticed the Bills were getting some pressure, so I buy that. As far as running the ball he was alright, but I think he'll be alright. It is fair to criticize him today, as he probably played below his standards.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, coltsfeva said:

    Didn’t they say the same thing about Peyton?

    Philip Rivers is 39, so I think that is a safe prediction after today. Manning was much younger.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

    LOL good HCs? Oh yeah? Like who? Chuck Pagano? 


    I'll take a triple serving of Reich. Name this magical unicorn HC who doesn't make mistakes? You're talking of the same mistakes, they ALL do it. The one call that he made today that i disagree with 100% was the challenge. Everything else? Yeah, fair calls. Better execution and the story is different. We were in a game against a team that no one thought we had a chance against. A team with superior offensive talent, and we were a serious kicker away from tying or winning. With the offensive personnel few trotted out, I'll take that.


    It wasn't weeks back that everyone thought Hilton was done. What other WRs did we have? Our slow TEs? A LT who was coaching high school ball two weeks ago? And we had the best team in the AFC filling their pants. Yeah, okay. Go get Jon Gruden or Pagano. Give them this same personnel and live with the 'wisdom' of that decision.


    Some dont appreciate what they have till they aint got it.

    Some HC candidates I like are Eric Bieniemy, Brian Daboll, Matt Campbell, Joe Brady, Robert Saleh, Urban Meyer, and Don Martindale. They would all be preferable to me to take a risk on rather than Frank Reich. I don't want Reich teaching a young QB if we get one, I don't even want Reich with a veteran if we are just going to go "one and done" in the playoffs.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Tsarquise said:

    What mistake does Reich keep making? 

    He repeatedly goes for it on 4th down instead of taking points in bad situations. Actually went for 2 points after a TD because he feared losing to the Bills in OT with another TD and wanted to go for the 1 point win. Brings Brissett in for a random down every game for some reason. Not very creative in play calling. Lots of stuff he needs to improve that we haven't seen in 3 years. He also abandons the run a lot at random times as well.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Sumo63 said:

    I'm dying of stage 4 cancer.  Enjoy next year, I probably wont be here to debate fieldgoals.

    Sorry to hear this my friend. Horrible news. I hope you can extend your life as much as possible and spend it in the best ways possible. Hopefully we see you on the forum for a very long time. Fight it as long as you can. God Bless! :thmup:

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

    Look around the league. Point me to that HC who doesn't have mistakes. I'll wait.

    You completely ignored what @hoosierhawk said. All coaches make mistakes. Reich admits when he makes mistakes (which is good and supposed to be the first step from learning from them), then he makes the same ones again and again and again. It's not even different mistakes from experimenting, it's the same ones from stubbornness over and over like he is going to prove his ways work. He is set in his ways and it is affecting the team negatively. We can't win a SB with him and he needs to go as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow while we can interview lots of good HC candidates.

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  16. A QB is the most important position on the team and the one position holding us back from winning a SB. We will probably lose Rivers and Brissett after the season, and I don't know how good Eason will be. I'm guessing we'll have around the 22nd in the draft. That might not be good enough to draft or trade up for a franchise QB. IMO, we should bite the bullet, and trade three 1st round picks to The Texans for Deshaun Watson. He is a top 5 QB, and we can probably win a SB with him. He would give us 10+ years of contention, Ballard would still be the GM and has proven he can draft outside the 1st round. This is what we need to win to win a SB in the future. I don't want to have to wait 3 years for a rookie to become good enough to make us possible contenders when all of our draft picks have to be paid and we have to get rid of some of them. Trade for Watson, and lets become SB contenders next year. Please Ballard! :thmup:

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  17. Nope, fire Reich after this game. Plenty of great HC candidates we can replace him with. Rivers looked done in the game today. He's not genuinely horrible, but we could hardly move the ball at times, and he's completely immobile. I want to draft a QB to compete with Eason next year, even if he's not in the first round.

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